MLG's Dungeon Extravaganza [USMW]


Welcome to my Dungeon Extravaganza!

(Hopefully this is in the correct topic, and is allowed to be posted here.)

Hey guys! A lot of you may know me from the keypop servers, I open for a lot of the events. This Sunday, May 17th at 2PM Eastern Standard time, I will be opening 100 dungeons. The reason for this is it’s my birthday, but due to the virus I’m unable to actually go out.

The dungeons being hosted are:
-Ocean Trenches
-And many other dungeons if requested!


  • Discord:
  • Anyone is welcome regardless of skill level or characters.
  • If each dungeon takes around 5-10 minutes to complete, there should be several hours of dungeons and many opportunities for players to get some loot!


  • Please be polite to everyone in the runs.
  • If a chain is started, please be patient and do not PM. Eventually will come back to nexus to vault/grab more keys.

Hope to see you all there! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to message me frkcy#0001 on Discord.


I think it’d be a good idea to make a discord for this since this is a pretty long event and to increase the players participating.

Happy early birthday!


I’m not near experienced enough with Discord to be able to make one for this, but I will try.


Sounds fun!

Happy birthday, by the way.


Awesome! I should be able to join you, looking forward to it!


Hey guys! So I’ve partnered with the Dungeoneer Discord for the event! This will make the runs a lot less chaotic hopefully. Here is a link to the Discord:


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