Monitor Threads by Author Posts


When someone wants to monitor/watch a thread, they get two good choices:

  • Tracking: You will see the new posts in the thread, aswell as be notified if someone mentions or replies to you
  • Watching: You will be notified of all replies to the thread

But what if there was just a way to be notified if only the Author posts in the thread? Say you see a nice idea and want to follow it, but don’t want to follow all the replies to it. You’ll see whenever the author of the thread replies to the thread (aswell as the normal @ and replies).

Perhaps call it Follow or something.


Unfortunatly Realmeye seems to have no interest in working on the forum themselves and the only updates are apparantly the offical ones by the discourse software that is used.


Would be a great addition if Discourse had something like it, another thing that I’ve wanted (closely related to this idea) is distinguishing OP replies from other replies somehow (like a bolded avatar bubble).


The discourse devs have their vision for their product and they’re somewhat famously dismissive of outsiders. From what i’ve gathered, the only way to have influence on features is to (1) be a paying client and (2) have developed a relationship with the senior folks in the project.

RealmEye could try building plugins but i’m not sure how keen they are on using Ruby and having to maintain plugins when discourse inevitably breaks them every 3 months.


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