More info about UDL trooms?


I’m just putting this into the academy, but community hub may or may not be a better place for it.

So the patch notes said that the UDL has a troom, I’ll copy paste this from Reddit

I’ve completely explored at least 10 udl’s so far, yet have never encountered this, and I want to learn more.

If you have any information about this troom other than what the patch notes said, please post it.
Anything such as what the room looks like, how common, how many can be in a singular dungeon, etc.

However, if any of you have encountered it, I do NOT want to know what the fight is like, so I can experience it firsthand.

Thank you in advance for any information you can give :slight_smile:


I think @Wilhuff said he’d been in a few


Encountered it 3/3 times.




damn. I’ve encountered it 0 and about probably 13 at this point.

Is it clearly distinct from normal rooms?


through the dark side of the force






thanks for the info


Yeeee entropy archer bac bois
Do you know if it drops all the STs and Dbow or not?


6udls later: eyyy im now 1/20 or something

what an anticlimatic grind lol


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