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The new fame system has made getting stars much easier than before, so I propose something new with stars. Yes, I know stars are not important, but some completionist people (like myself) enjoy trying to get them all, and we could use a new challenge now that the fame system has changed.

Instead of changing the current amount of fame required for 5 stars, I suggest leaving it as it is now, and adding 5 new stars to each class, for a total of 10 stars per class. Now, does that mean 5 new star colors as well? It could, but I have something else in mind.

The first 5 stars could stay exactly as they are now, with the 5th star still requiring 2,000 fame. Every other star after that could be double the previous fame requirement, so they would look like this:

6th star requires 4,000 fame.
7th star requires 8,000 fame.
8th star requires 16,000 fame.
9th star requires 32,000 fame.
10th star requires 64,000 fame.

That seems reasonable enough to me, while looking pretty and consistent, but it doesn’t necessarily have to follow that pattern. If no new star colors are added, and we have 17 classes with Summoner coming soon, you would need 34 stars for each new rank. Too much? Maybe, but seeing a white star would become a fairly rare sight once again, like it was many years ago. Alternatively, 5 new star colors could be added, and it would then be 17 stars for each new rank.

This brings me to my idea of “class ranks”. A new class rank icon could appear next to our star rank icon, or it could appear on the right side of our names, while the star rank icon stays on the left. We could even just change the star icon to a class icon! Whatever way it’s done, the class rank icon could look like the respective ability for that class, like a small lute icon for Bards. The icons might be too small for some class abilities, so you could instead use something relevant, like a small musical note icon for Bards.

Class ranks could be similar to the way star ranks are now, only just for your current class. If no new colors are added, you would need 2 stars for each new class rank. For example, a player might only ever play Wizard. If they accumulate 64,000+ fame with Wizard, they would see a little white spell or scroll icon next to their name. That would be seen along with a light blue star as well, if both the class icon and the star icon are shown. That way, even if that person is a “light blue star”, you could clearly see their dedication to Wizard. Class icons could also be helpful for quickly identifying what kind of classes are nearby.

So that’s it, I guess. Other things could be done, like basing class ranks off of exaltations instead. In that case, with no new colors added, you would need 8 exaltations for each new class rank. Or maybe you need both fame and exaltations? Maybe you need even more than that?! I’ll stop there. Here are some example images:

example1 example2 example3


Would stars be reset for everyone


Stars are just to show that you have played every class and experienced them. 2k fame is fine for that, I wouldn’t be opposed to making it be 2k base fame, but I am against making new stars. It would be one thing to up the fame requirements of the stars, but 64k fame? Dang. That’s wayyyyyy too much. Like I said earlier stars are just about experiencing the class, and you get that after an hour or two on a class. You don’t need to grind for a while just to get full stars on one class, that’s kinda overkill. Idk, my opinion is that it should be 2k base fame for 5 stars but other than that it’s fine.


Keep in mind that 2k game back when the game was first introduced was hefty as well. I’m not saying that this isn’t kind of high, but I do like the icon portion for class dedication.

However, since this idea has been brought up in several forms by several people taking stabs at different alternate paths for star leveling, I’m still of the opinion that stars could have more requirements than merely accruing fame, because you can easily obtain fame by running around in the Godlands for eternity rather than doing anything difficult.

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64k is more than high. 64k would be in the top 50 of that class for most classes, some even higher. That’s way overkill, I’m sorry.


Having so many ranks and such a high fame requirement seems excessive. It’s not as if fame is 32x quicker to get; it’s maybe 2 or 3 times as fast. And even that is mileading as players were able to gain fame quickly before through fame training. Now though you gain fame as quickly as training just through playing.

I would add just one more tier, at 5000 fame. This is a similar 2.5x jump to the one from 800 to 2000, perhaps about as hard to reach as 2000 was before the fame rework.

This needs only another star colour. Black maybe, or purple. I an not worried about it devaluing the white star - it would become the new white star, the new mark of a well-rounded experienced player. And players would enjoy earning it, just as they do when a new class comes out and they need to re-get a white star. Probably a lot of players could earn it automatically, as the game keeps track of your highest fame with each class which could be used to add ranks to players who’ve earned them already.


I understand, it certainly doesn’t have to be that high, and maybe exaltations could be involved too. I was mostly thinking about the dungeon collection fame bonuses here. If your 8/8 character that has done every dungeon (minus seasonal dungeons) at least once were to die, you would get at least 32,000 fame and an additional 100% of whatever your base fame was from maxing bonuses and dungeon collection bonuses. Even without Hero of the Nexus and Travel of the Decade, you would still get over 20,000 fame and the additional 77.5% of your base fame. You would pretty much have the 9th star just like that, without needing to do Oryx’s Sanctuary!


I think each star after 5 stars could add by 4,000 = 10th star is 20,000


no. i want my white star easy. also on that trend, i wish realm was a bt easier aswell (mbc surviv)


MBC Survival is pretty balanced in my opinion, it’s enough they already lessened every status effect 3s > 2s, and removing blind.


Anxiety is right, mbc survival is fine as it is. I still struggle with that phase and it is easily hardest in all of lh, cult, and void. For me this is mainly due to deca not allowing us to turn opacity down to 0, and me not wanting to screw something up by changing it. I can’t see shots in the massive group, but when I do see the shots they are easily dodgable.
Edit: wait why are we even talking about this sorry for going off topic thought this was unpopular opinion thread :grimacing:


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