More Status Effects


image Perplexed - Inverts firing to shoot backwards (180°)
No effect on enemies

image Erratic - Gives 0.1 Amplitude and Amplitude of weapon increased by 50%
No effect on enemies

image Manic - Old unstable effect but also a 25% increase in attack speed; Can stack with Berserk and DEX increase
No effect on enemies

puritysprite Piety - Increases HP regen; (20/[Player’s VIT])*100 = % increase to regen
This would be calculated at the end and would still stack with Healing buff but does not effect vital combat timer
High VIT value benefits less from buff compared to lower VIT values
Lowest VIT value would be capped at 20
Would replace Healing buff on priests
No effect on enemies

Prospective Regen table:

VIT Normal Piety Healing + Piety
@40 4.8 HP/s 7.05 HP/s 34.4 HP/s
@75 9 HP/s 11.4 HP/s 36.74 HP/s

fatiguedsprite Fatigued - Reduces player speed by half
No effect on enemies

image or banesprite Bane - ATT and DEX stats swapped
No effect on enemies

image Blocked - Accessory and Ability slot bonuses are disabled (excluding HP stats)
No effect on enemies

image Reflect - Returns 3% of damage dealt
(Has purple glow similar to curse)
Mainly a buff on enemies rather than for players

image or image Infatuated - Abilities cost 50% more mana
No effect on enemies

image or image Possessed - Mana drains 10/MP sec (Bleed but for Mana)
No effect on enemies

image Pressure - HP & MP total reduction by 10% and 1% increase to all stats (ATT, DEF, DEX, SPD, WIS, VIT)
No effect on enemies


These are all really interesting and I love all the little icons associated with each status effect!


Perplexed Cultist Staff users: Sacrificing has never been so easy when you question your motives!…?

I love most of these, but Reflect caught my eye. O3 introduced counters, and most of us know how that goes in public spaces. There’s certainly trolls out there, but I legitimately think that there’s at least an equal amount of people that don’t associate a long term consequence with the immediate effect of “don’t shoot the boss when they do this.”

It wouldn’t necessarily be an instant solution by any means, but if players get immediately and noticeably punished for shooting a boss in a counter trigger phase, I think that’s a step in the right direction.


What universe are you living in where Cult can drop wands?


Damage is so high compared to player hp I think it would need to be brought down to 1% or so.


Staff* :joy:

I’ve even owned one on my Necro for a while now

I was tired, ok


The 2 mana based effects I thought would be more interesting than what we have currently in the game being just Quiet and Silence.

Thank you! Some are better than others. Like I think “Bane” could really use some work I couldn’t really think of anything.

My exact thought process with that mechanic. It would help out players more often than not and punish the trolls and the dumb.

Yeah a lot of these have to be worked out in testing if any are to be implemented.


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