Most Liked Replys


So basically, you simply copy and paste your most liked reply here, cannot be a topic, this would make a large archive of posts like this
Also make it a quote and add context and the amount of likes beforehand
I was basically curious and didn’t want to go through everyone’s summaries, and if you get a new most liked both can be recorded here

Mine for instance was actually made soon after first joining the forums in one of the always popular (/s) class tier list threads, where trickster was put shockingly low and knight and wizard stick up at the top (29 likes)

(Also fight me Xaklor)


35 likes :slight_smile:


Why though
Just seems kinda useless and potentially just whoring for likes :thinking:




18 likes (I get a lot of spread out likes, not condensed)

This one got 13 likes surprisingly


17 likes on this for some reason.



the classical golden archer set post


CandyShi said “grill gamer.” Idk whether that was on purpose or it was a mistake, but all I did was search up grill gamer on google and copy pasted the first picture I saw
My top is only 12 likes ;n;


Fuck. Fuck. Fucking hell why does my most liked post have to be a Thanos meme.

Second most liked post is in a SECWET AWEA OF THE FOWUMS! OwO

Third most liked post. Luckily it’s kind of wholesome :blush:


uwu show me the secret senpai


Whine cellar


warning: you will never see pure evil the same way again. what has been seen cannot be unseen.


I remember that post lol
No idea why I left it un-liked… So have another like on your most liked post :stuck_out_tongue:


I still remember this.

And I still can’t unsee it when I’m in shatts now.


August 7 me was a very sad man


Tfw youe most liked reply is the white bag thread


What else could be my most liked, if not a meme?Wait fucke


The most badass set:

At 47 likes


wait so what does that say about me


Insane that you can now get 20 ambrosia, a skin, and still have gold left if you spend 10,000 gold on a modern pack compared to that pack.