Most Liked Replys


I still remember this.

And I still can’t unsee it when I’m in shatts now.


August 7 me was a very sad man


Tfw youe most liked reply is the white bag thread


What else could be my most liked, if not a meme?Wait fucke


The most badass set:

At 47 likes


wait so what does that say about me


Insane that you can now get 20 ambrosia, a skin, and still have gold left if you spend 10,000 gold on a modern pack compared to that pack.






I dont think the golden archer pack actually went for 10000 gold, if you look up images for it on google most of them say 1400.


posted this more than 2 years ago, only recently got 25 likes.
its at 26 now, and that is my most liked comment


From the best realmeye forum thread.


do you live under a rock?






actually, interestingly enough my 6th most liked comment out of 12.7K is

Since its near the top of a popular long term thread, i slow accomulate likes ever so slowly. Im pretty sure when i posted this, it had like 2/3 likes. Now it has 24, quite an interesting one.


Mine is a similar case, although on a short term thread, the thread died with it having 8 likes and then randomly in the notifications I just get one or two likes on it




Very ironic.


23 :slight_smile: