playing rotmg just helped me cope with a lot of things, especially around the time I created this huntress. I put a lot of hours into maxing her and farming and such, and to see that hard work gone just broke me : / the game hasn’t really been the same for me ever since. admittedly, it was my fault for afking in halls, but just one other person was there and I didn’t really think I had to worry about dying since I was in the corner of an empty room :<
I really should have taken precautions with a character I loved but at least I’ve learned from it.

edit: also, the leaf bow and honey trap were actually the first I had ever gotten, not to mention with that huntress. they haven’t dropped again since, so I guess that just makes her even more special?


Oh boy, a place where I can vent about why I don’t play the game as much anymore!
You asked for this, prepare your ears cause I have a lot of these types of deaths.

Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-30-57 Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-31-01

This. One of the only archers I’ve truly enjoyed, and I lost it to the touhou bullet hell shit built into the Thicket. Frankly, I very much dislike things messing with my movement, but being petrified really annoys me, as you either nexus or watch hoping you don’t die, since you can’t do anything. As you can tell, hoping didn’t help much as I still died.

Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-31-08 Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-31-11

Red Star: “Is this hard?”
Me: “Na, fungal isn’t hard, especially not when compared to crystal”
proceeds to die like an intellectual

Taught me not to be cocky.

Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-31-23 Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-31-26

This death, I genuinely felt upset and angry at. Some guy was talking shit when I called him out on sitting in the spawn room when there were four of us.
Three issues with this;

  1. I was on my laptop, which meant lag, low frames and other shit.
  2. There was a room full of enemies next to us as I had been clearing just then.
  3. Since that guy was an asshole, he wouldn’t/didn’t help me at all.

ONE small slime hops into the room and starts beating the crap out of my knight. I was typing, and panicked so hard I kept reopening the chat when trying to nexus and didn’t think of closing the game.

Cue death screen, and taunts from said guy when I rejoined. He could have very easily taken out the slime. This happened so long ago yet it remains as my worst death ever. I was close to 8/8.

Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-31-57 Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-32-00

I… have no excuse for either of these. Pentaract death was from when I was still unfamiliar with the game, and it taught me the valuable lesson of “don’t sit on shit you don’t know well yet”. The necromancer was even sadder, I just sat there in disbelief like “well shit. There goes the last of my good robe class items.” This was a guild udl.

Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-32-51 Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-32-54

Top and bottom were my best and favourite PPEs to date, especially the ninja. They were fun to play, and devastating when I lost them. Ninja died literally as the last phase ended and we were finished with the void, so you can imagine my reaction.
And the paladin in the middle was my favourite paladin to date. Oreo was a great tool and I lost it trying to rush a tomb. He helped me learn many things, and I miss him.

Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-33-06 Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-33-08

Obligatory first shatters white death. MGM really isn’t a good dungeon.
The other priest was, guess what, my favourite priest to date, died trying to save a pretty atrocious ice tomb. As the only actual ranged class obviously it was either me killing the last raged boss or us leaving and not getting any loot (which you don’t fucking get anyway).

Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-33-19 Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-33-21~2

losing a sentry cloak hurt
guildies weren’t too happy with this.
I recall having to turn around and yell at my brother for harassing my other younger brother, turned back around to death. Proceeded to go through the five stages of grief, still not at acceptance yet.

Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-33-40~2 Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-33-45~2

Lag. I was doing well as the only guy able to paralyze in that LH and then lag. Golem “ran” back, I chased but it turned out to be a tiny lag spike and he pinged back on top of me. Lesson learnt, don’t trust anything.

Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-33-40 Screenshot_2019-11-27-09-33-45

Only wizard I ever enjoyed. Ran over by a spooky boi in the realm. This was most definitely my fault and it definitely hurt my feelings.


This one taught me that you can’t rush UDLs on autopilot





  • It was going to be my first maxed character, plus it was on a ninja, my favorite class. I only had eleven wisdom to max.


  • Was running around the godlands, trying to find a UDL to finish maxing. I was just speeding around, looked away from the screen for a moment, and looked back to see me run onto three medusas.


  • Doku, Dcircle, Deca, the very nice looking winter t13 hydra reskin, and I had a kageboshi in my inventory.


  • Was going to be my first true max, one that I didn’t trade for pots, or use candies (yeah, I know my only maxed character ever was with maxing candies.) Only had seventeen hp and twenty-three def to max.


  • Lagged in godlands one second, the next I was dead.


  • Colo shield, uber mp, reskinned dblade in backpack.


  • I never really liked rogues. After this one, I now do. Plus, I had 9 hp, 7 mp, 6 att, and 8 def to max, so for me he was doing pretty good.


  • So I hopped into a realm, and I saw the Jade and Garnet Statues and was like, “Hey! Maybe I can get some attack or defense from that. Then I can do the mountain temple and hopefully get a mana.” So them I’m there and I’m like, “If I cloak, and stand with no one around or behind me, it wont charge, because it wont have anyone to charge at, right?” WRONG! I was cloaked and on the opposite side as everyone else, and it sat on me.


  • Plainswalker (I guess its sort of important) and Spectral armor. (Cant get it to ever drop for the life of me.)


  • It simply was my favorite assassin.


  • Okay, so um, here’s the thing. I got killed by an urgle. I was a bit distracted at the time, and I walked through a bunch of things, taking away a ton of health, then I stood on the armor breaking thing the urgle puts down and yeah. I lost my six out of eight, with maxed defense, to an urgle.


  • Queens stinger, my one and only beehemoth armor, and my pride and self confidence. (even though I’ve run like 70 Nests!)


I don’t think MT drops mana


Yeah your right, sorry, I don’t do them all that often.


this one

and this one



It does doesn’t it? Not guaranteed but it still can? I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten mana from an MT before


It does not.


Hm, I must be remembering wrong then


I also could have sworn that I got mana from an MT once or twice. Wiki says otherwise, though.


first good character. Started lagging in a machine and got buttfucked. rip csword, acclaim, cutlass, gcookie, acrop, and pyra

ok i dunno what i was thinking, charged thru the wall in oryx castle and got shanked by a brute and his entourage

made this char completely in china, started lagging and got bootily raped

candies. this one’s funny

rip first 8/8 ppe (and legit 8/8). rip fallen reskin, recomp, cwand, and shendyt. Wasn’t watching hp bar while trying to solo thotalia. Still mad about this one

lag lmao

lmao, blacktiling in lost halls and got separated from group. For some reason my dumb ass did not nexus and i got fucked up. Rip thot shot, lbow, ctrap, t6 trap, mimicry trap, spectral

Hella mad about this one, rip recomp, puri, prot, t6 tome, shendyt, and pyra. Got shanked by needles. The funny thing is i could have nexused or closed the tab but my dumb ass didn’t

Proof that im bad at gaime




SUMMARY: First 8/8
DEATH: Dirty shatters, not much else to say
IMPORTANT ITEMS LOST: Pixie, oryx reskin sword and armor, and ubhp were pretty valuable to me at the time

SUMMARY: Highest base fame and oldest character I’ve had
DEATH: Heroic Abyss is a bad dungeon
IMPORTANT ITEMS LOST: The only vital unity and crown I’ve ever gotten. Also had the carrot spell in inventory


Makes it a tad bit harder to ruthlessly kill Urgles, I will admit.


I think this is self-explanatory.


My assassin got murdered after saying “hi mom” while sitting on Daichi.

decided to show my friend the power of 6/8 by letting a bunch of dwarf god swarming me, was not a wise move.


Very dumb temple snake afk death…

Literally all my assets back then lol


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