It does doesn’t it? Not guaranteed but it still can? I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten mana from an MT before


It does not.


Hm, I must be remembering wrong then


I also could have sworn that I got mana from an MT once or twice. Wiki says otherwise, though.


first good character. Started lagging in a machine and got buttfucked. rip csword, acclaim, cutlass, gcookie, acrop, and pyra

ok i dunno what i was thinking, charged thru the wall in oryx castle and got shanked by a brute and his entourage

made this char completely in china, started lagging and got bootily raped

candies. this one’s funny

rip first 8/8 ppe (and legit 8/8). rip fallen reskin, recomp, cwand, and shendyt. Wasn’t watching hp bar while trying to solo thotalia. Still mad about this one

lag lmao

lmao, blacktiling in lost halls and got separated from group. For some reason my dumb ass did not nexus and i got fucked up. Rip thot shot, lbow, ctrap, t6 trap, mimicry trap, spectral

Hella mad about this one, rip recomp, puri, prot, t6 tome, shendyt, and pyra. Got shanked by needles. The funny thing is i could have nexused or closed the tab but my dumb ass didn’t

Proof that im bad at gaime




SUMMARY: First 8/8
DEATH: Dirty shatters, not much else to say
IMPORTANT ITEMS LOST: Pixie, oryx reskin sword and armor, and ubhp were pretty valuable to me at the time

SUMMARY: Highest base fame and oldest character I’ve had
DEATH: Heroic Abyss is a bad dungeon
IMPORTANT ITEMS LOST: The only vital unity and crown I’ve ever gotten. Also had the carrot spell in inventory


Makes it a tad bit harder to ruthlessly kill Urgles, I will admit.


I think this is self-explanatory.


My assassin got murdered after saying “hi mom” while sitting on Daichi.

decided to show my friend the power of 6/8 by letting a bunch of dwarf god swarming me, was not a wise move.


Very dumb temple snake afk death…

Literally all my assets back then lol


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