MotMG 2019 Discussion Megathread


Continuing the forum tradition of making a place to host all the links to various MotMG topics, and to use for any general MotMG chat:

General Info & Deca Announcements

(calendar image - click to view)

(calendar image - click to view)

Patch Notes

  • X.31.8.0 - Alien Invasion Patch Note (Jul 10th)
    • Contains details about the new alien events and items
    • Contains loot list for the Moss Bag, Stone Bag, Mad God Bag
  • X.31.8.1 Patch Notes (Jul 16th)
    • Changeover from the Event White x2 to the Leprechaun
    • Also some bug fixes for MotMG content
  • X.31.8.2 - The Nest (Jul 23rd)
    • Significantly increased chance to spawn a UFO encounter in realms
    • Alien Leprechauns will no longer appear in Dungeons
    • MotMG Bags now drop in Golden Bags
    • Mystery Cloths/Dyes now drop in Purple Bags.
  • Patch Note X.31.8.3 - Community Event Details (Jul 30th)
    • Community Event (120 000 Oryx mark quests needed for top tier)
    • Activated Oryx Horde
    • All Encounters now drop their respective portal guaranteed
  • Patch X.31.9.0 - Fungal Cavern (Aug 8th)
    • Fungal Cavern released
    • Community Event ended (tier 4 rewards were reached)
    • Oryx Horde deactivated
  • Patch Notes X.31.9.1 (Aug 13th)
    • Permafrost Lord Encounter
    • UFO now spawns guaranteed once per realm!
    • Event White Drop Chance x2 has been been deactivated.
  • Patch X.31.9.2 - Crystal Cavern (Aug 22nd)
    • Crystal Cavern released
    • Deactivated Alien Gravestones
    • Returned Nexus back to normal
    • Deactivated Permafrost Lord
    • UFO spawn now a permanent rare in-realm event

Other Deca Announcements


Key: :flying_saucer: = Active, :x: = Ended, :soon: = Coming Soon!.

Special Events

Wormhole Events

Chest Challenges

Campaigns and Community Events

Fame Boxes/Free Stuff

NEW Things

Note: Further details of these can be found in the X.31.8.0 Patch Notes post.



Week 1 hype image on the game main menu screen:



Deca seems to be doing all the updates of new events via edits to a single ‘Active MotMG Events’ Reddit topic (link), which if we replicate by editing our topics, could make keeping track of things a bit tricky & confusing as if they start to remove old/done events from there the info could become lost.

I think it’ll be clearer on the forum to keep posting them as new topics in #community-hub:official-events, so I’ve done that for the week two events (Shatters Chest/Untaris Wormhole), as that will trigger ‘New Topic in Official Events’ notifications, and allow any chat specific to that event to be there, etc:

Also week two graphic:




Updated topic with the recent event links, also here is the week 3 image off the main menu:


Oryx Horde is due today, wonder if they’ll give it a drop table with new items in, or just Wormhole portal like Leprechaun had, and if it’ll be mechanically the same fight or any changes from last year.



The week I’m due to fly back and the oryx horde shows up.

I’m getting 2017 flashbacks :grimacing:

(Also I’m the first reply to the discussion mega thread. It’s been 2 weeks wtf guys)


Motmg discussion stuff.


I thought I’d lost a week when I saw the main menu hyping “Week 5 events”, but below it the text shows the correct MotMG Week 4, someone has been on the mushrooms maybe at Deca. :mushroom:


Edit: they edited it to correct:


I had nothing to do with this death >.>

surprised nest event was still up lol


there are 12: 3 reskins X 4 wormholes = 12 reskins

I would have caught it sooner but I haven’t been following motmg very closely and this threads been kinda lacking in activity


Updated nine to twelve, thanks for the catch.

Yeah when I saw they’d made it so you can’t select which UT you actually want from the Tinkerer, but get given a “random alien UT spawner device” and have to suffer RNG, I gave the whole thing a fairly wide berth. Had enough of that concept, thanks, with trying to collect stone skins in one MotMG, and same with the Reindeer eggs at xmas events past.


Cool I have 4 topics linked here :smile:


Hey guys quick question i have 9 purple shards and want to exchange one of them for the 10 st shards but the quest doesnt accept the 9 stakced shards… is there a way to unstack or is this just a glitch?


From what I’ve seen deca usually doesnt do quests where you trade in part of a stack. If it has already been added and you cant trade it, I’m sure it will be fixed


Deca already stated that player should spare atleast 1 amethyst shard. You can see it somewhere I forgot the link

And also it seems you can unstack them by go to the tinkerer thx deca :grin:


Unsure why they couldn’t have made the 10x shard=UFO pet a Repeatable Tinkerer quest, since doing max contribution to the community event netted 22 shards, so we could’ve had 2x pet skins and still a spare 1x for the tier reward redemption. :tired_face:. Or maybe I was lucky and got a double go on one day when they added the extra 2 mark quests idk.

Anyway, week 5’s hype::


Week six graphic v1.0:


10 points if you spotted the typo before reading this line. Edit: they fixed it, quick work. v2.0:



“MOTMG 2019 END!”
Thank god, life has a chance to regain value
Forgot an S at the end though


hey anyone know when the alien ufo stops spawning?


Its now a permanent addition to the realm as a ‘rare’ event boss.