MotMG 2020 - Reconstruction [Teaser Trailer]


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uhh, ok




Is older content getting retouched!? That would be so cool if done right! Looking forward to this.




Septavius no longer going to insta pop 8/8 knights???


Yes. Now the UDL will be rebalanced to make the 8/8 knights instapop from the lair bats.

Speaking of lair bats, the Lair Ghost Bat is one of the last bastions of wiki flavor-text:

Ghost Bats have really flipped the theologic discussion simply by existing. Do all animals have souls? What makes bats so intent on haunting those still living? What could they hope to accomplish? And is it reasonable to expect a Ghost Batman any time soon?

All valid questions, but with no answers in sight. Only Ghost Bat knows. And he ain’t telling.


I was already hyped to see what they do with the vault reconstruction/consolidation, but also doing some work on older dungeons?! Yes, please!


I live for that flavor text and hope it never gets removed. The Lair Ghost Bat has always been one of my favorites, too.




But when :slight_smile:


literally just wait they already said it was the second half of september


I guess this gives me enough motivation to come back to rotmg.


dont come back. trust me you will regret it. quit. never come back to this game. it’s for the best. x


Yeah motmg is probably the best time for that, but dont get your hopes too high.


saying goodbye hurts, but its for the best.

that aside I do really hope they give some of the older content the revamps they deserve, and make the early-mid game experience much better than what it is currently and has been for all these years.


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