MotMG 2020 Reconstruction



oh shit, are we actually getting potion storage?

all the dungeons look pretty sweet too, especially with the campaign probably tie-ing into them (probably)

I see that lab boss :smirk:


God there’s so much good stuff

GLands dungeons and early game dungeons needed this so badly, fame rework and pot storage is hype

The pet food event is cool too


The updated Abyss looks absolutely gorgeous!


how much gold per Potion Shelf upgrade?


@Toastrz I see you there. do you know if vault unlockers can upgrade the potion chest?

I have 22 useless unlockers and hope they don’t go to waste.


Current vault chest unlockers cannot unlock potion chest slots. However, vault space isn’t capped anymore by physical chest limits, so you’ll be able to use all of those now and expand indefinitely, no matter how many unlockers you get.


Can you give us any more details yet on how the potion chest slots work, or do we have to wait the remaining 2 weeks to find out? I am so hyped!


See that’s good and all but… crap now imma buy more xD


@Toastrz Hey Quick question I remember in one of the producer’s letters Ut Forge was mentioned, does this mean Ut Forge will not be included in this years motmg?


If a user has a large amount of items in chests and/or gift chests, will loading times be increased substantially?


Personal experience. Yes

I have 800 or so gift chest and I DC a ridiculous amount when playing on any of my alts, this does not happen.

Edit: didn’t realize you were talking load time. I believe those increase as well.


I know at the moment on Prod there’s sort of a limit with gift chests (I don’t know if thats carried over to Exalt), but this change kinda makes me hope there’s a really really large limit before lag starts to become a factor.


If we have a “Fame farming” character with a lot of the current bonuses, will those bonuses be lost? Or will there be a kind of “grandfathering” of the old bonuses into the new system? I am sure a lot of us have a character that we would kill off before the 23rd if their fame would drop significantly.


I wonder what the base cap is for potion storage. The trailer shows 64… and will there be potion chest unlockers?


nothing on ut exchange


Can’t wait for all the new players that join on Sep 23rd run a pcave with 40 maxed DPS set players


It seems like the turd that is “Vital Combat” is still coming.

This suggests the feedback was largely ignored about how a much simpler system could be made.

For the tenth time, ultimately keys need to die for the game to be healthy. Pets are not the source of the problem. And if Deca is going to leave keys alone, they should leave pets alone as well.

Good to see the pay 2 win is still taking a priority btw. At least players could earn divine pets.


What about the massive amounts of feedback that was in support of it?

Why? Why do you speak as if you’re the only one with a voice? How about you listen to feedback for once? Because let me tell you, you’ve got plenty, mostly negative, flying right over you, and if you pulled your head out of the ground you might actually see it…


There is at least an equal amount of players against it.