MotMG 2020 Reconstruction


If it’s equal, then Deca is the tie breaker, and they’ve picked their side


No they didn’t pick a side.

They were L-A-Z-Y and had an update planned for September 23rd.

Like I said before almost certain the PT was just a formality. They only care about the opinions of closed testers.

They obviously were not going to make sweeping changes to the system.


Except they did, VC is something they personally liked as they are people with opinions and those opinions influence how they develop the game. Deca definitely enjoys VC and wanted to keep it how it was, they got enough positive feedback, and so went through with it.


Or they liked what they had and thought it was good for the game


Which means they were deceptive to hold the PT in the first place.

Why ask for feedback if you don’t care about it?


um no, have a good night sir


Except they responded to feedback on priest nerfs and exaltation (heavily decreased requirements if you looked at the video), so um, no it wasn’t deceptive


So I can get my extra 1 def faster? Sounds great.

Hopefully they can reconstruct the playerbase too haha!

We’ll see if trying to appeal to the Wildshadow era of players (most of them have disappeared long ago) and, quite frankly, trying to appeal to no-lifer grinding even more works out for them.


It’s finally happening! Looking forward to seeing where this update takes the game, because I am definitely optimistic.


You can’t fully judge Vit Combat as there’s too many factors that influence the impact it has on an individual player:

  • Hours played following Vit Combat release
  • Skill level/Experience (includes dodging ability)
  • Pet level
  • Items available (UTs, STs, high tiers, etc)
  • Game knowledge
  • Player count per dungeon
  • Dungeon Difficulty (MBC being too strongly catered towards pre vit combat divine pets)

Most players should be able to manage with 4 vault chests and 2-4 characters, as most UTs/STs get fed to pets anyways. Pots no longer have to be stored in the vault chests themselves. F2P users who have maxed legendary/divine pets have likely accumulated vault/char slots from events and daily logins. Also, new players can still have 2 char slots and vault chests.

Have no clue what DECA thinks of their Exaltations, but I believe it is an endgame goal intended for grinders who have achieved almost everything in the game with almost nothing else to accomplish. +1 def sounds fine to me; it doesn’t make the non-completionists feel like they’re missing out.

Edit: was rambling on too much so i changed it


trailer hurt my eyes now i cant play coz im blind. ty deca.


Idk man, extra loot chance sounds pretty important to me.

Agree on everything else though


First dungeon im going in when this is out is pcave. I might even suicide one of my disposable characters to do it npe style.


@Backpedal You don’t have to agree with decisions being made by DECA, but please refrain from the constant circle jerking (this applies to those joining in as well)! Constructive criticism is good up to a point, but much of this (“this” encompassing other threads as well “) just seems like arguing/complaining for the sake of it.

I’m trying not to be salty about it, but you wouldn’t even tell 3-4 of us who asked you why you still care to play the game when you seem to despise it so much right now.


Looking forward to MotMG!


Big F to Boots on the Ground ;(

If it is going to be removed, I am going to make a memorial video a day in advance before having to bid farewell.

And even if it is gone, I’m still refuse to teleport. I literally have the habit of walking across the realm like for few months (except couple TPs…)


At least you’ll be walking around lowlands to highlands searching for the redesigned dungeons… if only for a little while


I’m pretty sure the most realistic source of new players you have as a 10 years old pixel art perma death mmorpg bullet hell is word of mouth. Not many people give games that old (and that fully look every minute of their age) the time of day, and recent big exposures on twitch ended in literal ridicule. Their best bet is to make the game better for the existing playerbase, and get existing players to get their friends to play. Changing enough to make old players come back just to see is also way more realistic than fighting for entirely new sets of eyes. And finally to have any chance of grabbing some sort of relevant gaming news source to talk about an update, it has to be quite flashy, that might be a source of new players as well.

I think the changes are broad and relevant enough to hit on those 3 avenues of new players, there really isn’t much more they can do to grab attention IMO.


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COVID: Am I a joke to you?

If that’s the case, then how will Deca get their dollars to maintain the game further? I mean they can earn their dollars from Vault and Character Slots and other methods, taking away keys? You can literally get keys without paying a single dollar to the game and removal will exacerbate the overall gameplay.

Pets… Let me tell you, from a PT back in May when I got a H/MH/Attack Far, I played so reckless that I rushed Abyss and getting too close to gods as a Knight. Such behavior eventually got my first 7/8 Archer shotgunned by a Ghost God. And a 7/8 Pally getting blind-shotgunned by a Medusa.

Long story short: If not being careful, pets will increase the risk of overconfidence.