MotMG 2021 Antinomy - Official Trailer



Modifiers and enchantments… This could be interesting.
Although i wonder what will get nerfed in return, no way items will just get bonuses.


At least you will be able to buy it for real money. Maybe as with the forging system where you need multiple types of ressources which you all can buy.

In my opinion enchantments sound good, but it has to be introduced carefully and well-balanced. Here I do not see that coming. The players which already are overpowered will get even stronger, for the others it could be unreachable / expensive in effort.

But let’s look forward.


Tradable UT? I hope that’s just a small joke. Making that stuff tradable definitely will usher in a new era of trading and economy, but at the same time will strengthen the hold that RWT sites have on the game. I’m simultaneously excited and pensive.


good ol “rune slots” on items and enchantments you can put in them

not sure if the number of slots is random or not, but i sure hope not or at least a way to add more until the max. this game does not need more layers of rng for already rare items

looks like there are tiers to the enchantments, maybe its like minecraft enchantments and anvils
+8 def is quite a lot of def, imagine that on breastplate, mercy, or even deca ring lol
because this enchantment system is basically a huge buff to players, i expect it to go thru a few balancing patches.
i suppose dungeon modifiers could be the buff to enemies that can balance out good enchantments. we didn’t get to see a lot of those in the trailer, only what seem to be cosmetic changes
(also hope those status resist descriptions change lol that is really weird to read.)


notice here that the divinity is not selectable. i imagine all the legendary forge items wont be tradable, so no you cant buy jugg for 8 spd, and no dupers wont ruin the game.
in fact deca showing this is more of a message saying they believe that duping will no longer be a big issue.


I imagine theyll just make it possible to trade low tier whitebags



Toastrz skin confirmed


Shatters rework? Not much to be said from me without doing it, but it looks gorgeous, as far as this game’s art is concerned!

Not a huge fan of the concept of enchantments being this game, but like the forge, I could always go hippie and ignore it if I wanted.

I still don’t know enough about the dungeon modifier, so I’ll hold my peace until I learn more of how it works. I could tip either way, negative or positive, depending on how it works.

As for UT trading, well… it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sure DECA knows at least some of what they’re getting into with that, and they have cast their lot. I think it wise that it’s only lesser UTs getting that treatment, from the looks of it, and I’d be (somewhat) surprised if STs became tradable, though it would be welcome if they did! They’ve just seemed to be a decent way for DECA to make some money, so making them publicly available would certainly make a statement.


I really, really hope they also make (more of) the ST items tradable. It’s probably not gonna happen, either because they sell them in the mystery box shop, or they will just forget.


It won’t happen because they sell them.



My takes:
Bracer’s sprite just doesn’t look that good. I actually prefer the old sprite.
The stat changes make it more defensive, along with extra mana. And it decreases the attack. I don’t understand this. DECA is fully aware of the DPS item meta that is going on and yet chose not to make the bracer a 1/4 item. Long story short, bracer not 1/4, means that nobody will give a flying fuck about it, so, basically, nothing has changed aside from Bracer being a better item overall.

Gemstone was dogshit, it’s clear to everyone that it was a white drop that made you cringe. And… well, gemstone is still not that good. The two shatts rings that got buffed, for some reason, both give a lot of DEF. Which is stupid, considering the amount of armor piercing shots in the harder content. The new gemstone is completely devoid of any DPS stat, and it has a Mad Robe-like ability, but it is 5% better. Which is stupid, because you can literally get 55% ability MP reduction with Gemstone and Mad Robe. Kind of insane.

Also, the sprite foe the new gemstone is vile.


If these work together the raid requirements will change for some classes, soon. :smiley: Maybe you will get even more reduction with the enchantments!?

Uniforms are progressing. A typical endgame expansion problem - at last for every class there will be a small set of gear combinations what you’ll need to join the endgame raids.
As in almost every MMORPG I ever have played. And everytime it results in me playing less (at least less endgame content). The most I recognized this in World of Warcraft, some years ago.

But in RotMG I never played the endgame content, so I can sit back end enjoy. :slight_smile:

btw. if it were up to me, no UT and ST item would be tradable (also not forgable). The more sources, the lower the value of reward.


If DPS was the true meta, nobody would be running any sort of defensive investment whatsoever. Which, spoiler, people still do. Judging everything from a raid standpoint and focusing item creation entirely on “can this improve DPS” would lead to an oversaturation in that genre, and provide no alternative types of play. Like, oh, you’d like to improve your defense a bit because you’re not maxed yet, or you keep getting hit and put in combat? Tough luck, here’s an item that gives you 0 defense and 12 dps stats which you desperately need.

It’s your choice to prefer a -25 defense, +25 att/dex set, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the Golden Standard for every item.


Yeah, 55% mana reduction is so useless since my Helm can’t get any better from repeated uses.

Sarcasm aside, it’s pretty busted on Mana-heavy builds specifically. I think the newly forming MP niche is a pretty great way of adding variety to the kits people would run.


I never said 30% reduction was useless.


But gemstone is still useless? bad*


I never said the new gemstone was useless either.


So then how come having a 55% mana reduction is stupid?


Stupid like busted. I can’t believe I have to spell this out.


It’s gonna stack multiplicatively, not additively.