MotMG Reconstruction Campaign


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And for those who like stuff in neat tables, here’s where the tokens are dropping:

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Does void not give any tokens or am I just blind


It doesn’t look like it, though Lost Halls (meaning MBC) does give a pretty good amount. I guess that they figured they’d put the drops on that and skip Void.


I just realized that oryx castle+chamber+wc give 200 points total. Looks like realm clearing is the way to go. Is Janus included in the castle points?


im assuming that since realm events doesnt specify if each event drops the tokens, that they all do, and as such the lost halls and oryx castle also likely include all of the bosses, with the list just having the dungeons that drop them (i count void and cult as lh since they dont have separate keys and are only accessible through lh)


So do you think each stone guardian/Janus are going to drop 2 nails 3 screws 1 plank or is that total


From the dungeons ive done so far, the guards have that split between them, nothing for janus, split between the shats bosses (1 of each token for every boss), idk about lh yet


Dang nothing from Janus? I’m getting flashbacks to the oryx mark event…


What exactly does the Construction Goody Bag drop when consumed? I’ve looked in multiple posts and have not found it. I’m assuming it’s just any random item from the event?


the reddit post was updated but not forum


im having a weird problem where every time i redream a reward i dont get any points, its been 3 days sice i first redeemed a item and i haven’t gotten any points


Are you redeeming the items at the tinkerer, or by consuming them?


did you do that


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