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Try delete and redownload, if doesn’t work try Remove Build, if doesn’t work then turn off avast for the duration of download.


wtf i thought i deleted the post

anyway i was on testing LOL


Does anyone else worry about the future of endgame dungeons? I feel that with all exaltations assigned to a specific stat it kinda of discourages new endgame content from entering the game–since they would need to fit into the exaltation system.


I do worry about this, and I also worry about the potential for the “class specific” loot potentially leaking into endgame dungeons. I like it in the lower dungeons for sure, but considering that people only like certain drops, they may only start bringing certain kinds of classes in public settings.


Here’s my spin on it: with a higher (but not rediculous) drop rate of these items, perhaps more people will use them without nearly the level of faced of never seeing them again? We could begin to see some more variety in equipment.


The alchemist seems ashamed of himself…


If need be, they can always switch them in for others.
Besides, I doubt new endgame dungeons are high up on Deca’s priority list, given the new difficulty that VC on top of priest’s healing nerfs, DPS buffs’ strength being neutered, and adaptive scaling happening.


It’s more future-proof than it may look. Endgame dungeons aren’t an everyday addition to begin with, and even as more do get created in the long term, there are ways to spread things out for a while. The exaltation in the Fungal Cavern would likely be the first to get moved since it’s linearly linked to the Crystal Cavern anyway. Lost Halls would likely follow, and beyond that point we also have the power to simply create multiple locations that grant exaltations. Again, that’s a very long term consideration, but it won’t be a roadblock either way.


More stuff I noticed

I dunno if this is new or not but it won’t stop being semi-transparent
Dead leprechaun
Oryx tiles?
Does doom bow look a little different?
Its shot is definitely different.


Dblade does to


And obv bulwark, but i think everyone already knows that


Good build overall. Did a mid-sized o2 and it was pretty enjoyable actually, as opposed to just steamrolling it for loot. I don’t have much complaint with vc from the gameplay perspective, but I have only played for about an hour or so since the release…

Still think exaltation is out of place for realm (as is any “endgame progression system”), and goes against a lot of the main principals, but eh whatever, I guess I can live with it. I’d sincerely hope that it isn’t buffed in the future to provide even stronger permanent increases (if anything, I think it is OP really as it is, even though most players seem to think it is not), and also hope there won’t be any exaltation tokens for sale or anything like that…

Edit: Also I should add that even if the current developers have no vision to monetize the exaltation or permanent account buffs, this still opens the door for future developers to do that. It just seems like a potential pets 2.0.


And at least for me, I used to have sort-of end game goals, but now that exaltation is released, I no longer feel the desire to achieve those goals (exaltation is more significant account buff than the goals I had sought after), but I also have absolutely no desire to grind dungeons to achieve exaltation, not even from the principals perspective that I mention above, but from the fact that it just doesn’t seem fun to follow a streamlined path of grinding dungeons down a completion list. I imagine there are other players who were not at their end game goals yet, who also share these feelings.


I was enjoying it until I had to start doing dungeons I hate doing :fearful::fearful:
Even just a few shatt runs has put me in burnout.

Nest deceived me too because it’s probably the fastest of all the dungeons on the list to complete and things are just gonna get worse from hereon out.


Because Exalt is now the only way to play the game, and because sometimes you simply can’t nexus due to the insane server lag that has been happening lately, I thought I would post the link to this again:


also make sure you pay attention to the connection warning in the top right by the map


that tells you nothing you don’t know already, even when it’s red you don’t really lag


If your connection is fine, but you suddenly get a lagspike, it will not appear until after the fact.


anywhere its beeen red its taken up to 2 secs to nexus


Has anyone found an abyss t-room yet? I did a few (not much since i only full-clear some solos) but havent seen it yet.