MotMG Reconstruction: Part 2! [Patch]


I did! Hope it will be fixed. All gone from all gift boxes


I really hope that it doesn’t happen to me because I haven’t taken my character slot out of gift chests yet…


what exactly did they “fix” dc wise?


I lost everything except for the current free MotMG Pack. Years of backpacks, valentines, dyes, etc. I’ll be pretty pissed if this doesn’t get fixed.


Send a ticket to deca


The vault looks awful. I suggest making it small and sort of hut-like, or feel more like home than some stone tile floor empty ballroom sized thing. Something more like Link’s house from a link to the past in terms of aesthetics would be cool. Either way I think shrinking it all down would help a lot as well. Here is a very very rough sketch, but I suggest changing the overall aesthetics to be more pleasing for a small room.


I hate the new vault, an option for legacy would be nice :confused:


I know this hasn’t been released yet, but F.E.R.A.L. doesn’t seem to have any indication of where it’s aiming its laser beam attack. (basing this on Floflorian’s vid). If it aims at the nearest person there would be no way to tell where the laser is going to hit if several people are moving erratically.

I suppose here’s a little ‘weak beam’ before it actually shoots… but it doesn’t seem to last that long.


My thoughts on this patch:

Unified Vault
It’s really good. I feel like I have a lot more space in my vault than I used to, even though literally the amount of space stayed the same. Just not having to hunt down where the empty space is actually makes it feel like there’s so much space (at least for now, before I end up filling up all that space and feeling low on vault space again).
The search feature is phenomenal and beyond what I had expected honestly. It just works and is one of the biggest QoL features in my opinion to be added to the game.
I don’t really find the filters too useful. Sorting by feed power I find very useful, but I couldn’t find much use of the other ones at the moment. I feel it would be useful to have sorting by type sort a bit further, (eg sort weapons by weapon type), because it’s still a hassle to look for the sword I was looking for in a sea of dbows and cbows and I’ll probably just try a bunch of search terms (even if I forgot the name of the sword I’d still try search) to find it instead. Additionally, some items don’t seem to end up in filter categories you’d think they’d be in (I can’t remember which exactly, but it was something like an ST shard or char slot/vault coupon not showing up in the tokens filter even though you’d think it’d show up there). Might have gotten the exact details incorrect, but there was definitely something not showing up in one of the filters when common sense for me as a player dictates it should have been there.
Maybe I’ll find more use cases for the filters in the future, but as of right now, I’m happy to just use the search feature, and to use that “drop item into box to put it into vault” feature which is also phenomenal, I don’t have to look for an empty space to put stuff away any more.
Also there are bugs but I assume those have already been reported like a billion times by now.
Overall thoughts are: this is great, do more updates like this.

Premium Vault (why isn’t this called Potion Vault or something)
I filled it in like 5 seconds moving my life pots into it. I’m poor atm so 16 potion vault slots for me it is, but it’s definitely a nice QoL deal for players. I can’t complain about effectively 2 free vault slots for me since now that 16 life isn’t clogging up my vault.
Not really any comment on the greater pots thing, I guess it makes greater pots even more of a hassle to deal with (at least for me); I at least pick up regular pots because I can consolidate them into greater pots that remain in my gift chests through tinkerer, but I can do nothing with greater pots as my characters are currently all maxed and so it makes most sense for me to stockpile pots for re-maxing in my gift chests. I already didn’t really do anything with greater pots (only kept glife in vault) so this doesn’t change anything for me.

New XP Distribution
Basically my thoughts for the new XP values for enemies are that they’re good but there’s some worry. Increasing the XP values in the Oryx’s Castle loop is great, and I think increasing the XP values for dungeons where you can’t really “speedrun” them much (like fungal/crystal, basically needing to put in some minimal effort or commitment) works out as well.
My worry comes from some of the other dungeons that have had XP values adjusted. A lot of these dungeons are run in nexus/discord chains, and from these numbers I really don’t think running in the realm will compare to those nexus/discord chains at all. You can just run so many in a short span of time in a chain. I’d really like mass chaining to be de-incentivized. One very questionable choice I can point out is upping Esben’s XP given. The dungeon itself is already notable for giving a good amount of fame… I really don’t think it’s necessary to make Esben give more XP than O1 itself.
Admittingly, this is just a more competitive side of mine speaking that would prefer to build up the fame on my characters via actually playing the game rather than just having my brain rot away in the 425th ice cave of the day, and so it’s arguably a minor issue if at all since objectively it just means people can build up their pets easier since they get more fame, and that’s just a lot nicer for all players.
edit: after some thought, I guess also it’d be nice to encourage people to play more in the realm rather than nexus pops for the health of the game, and unfortunately blanket changes to a dungeon as a whole always end up buffing nexus pops a lot more than they buff running it in the realm. So that’s one genuine downside affecting the whole game - again more incentive for nexus pops.

Passive XP bonus is another great change, it just feels so much more rewarding to get that fame now rather than “whenever you die”, especially for people chasing the next star rank who maybe don’t want to kill off their character as soon as possible. Just wish the Well Equipped fame bonus didn’t stick around on the summary since it doesn’t apply any more, that’s rather nastily misleading.

Lastly, making those pet/character skins droppable is great. I was a big fan of the new pet skins from the reworked dungeons, and I'm a big fan of this change. It's just more fun for players all around.


Will the worm father giving 40 fame stay lol


How much fame does void give now? 200?


MBC and void both give 40 now


Most dungeons that already gave good fame are unchanged, with the boss being an exception sometimes.
In particular, this includes The Machine, Ice Cave, Parasite Chambers, Lost Halls, The Void, Oryx’s Sanctuary, and the Ancient Ruins.
Of note is that the Cultist Hideout got some pretty sizable buffs: the summoned demons now give 15k XP / 7.5 fame per spawn (Molek = 15k, Balaam (whole form) = 0, Balaam (1, 2, and 3) = 5k each), the main cultists give more, and so does Malus 2!

Heck, even Candyland got a buff. The bosses, previously giving a measly 195 XP, now give 5k XP / 2.5 fame!


Mmm, no good. The xp gain from the non-boss enemies in the machine was nowhere near high enough for their difficulty, people are simply going to resume rushing it and skipping every part of the dungeon except the boss, but it will be even worse now due to increased boss fame but no increase to dungeon enemy fame, smh


well, i think this update’s pretty nice. sure, there are some things i’m a little skeptical about,
but i’ll leave those to myself.

Side note

isn’t the machine just a boss dungeon?(sure, there’s minions and stuff, but other than that, that’s about it)
and i see a contradiction right here.

from what i tell, you assume the machine is a full dungeon with hallways and stuff.
that is wrong, it’s just one room with a boss, minions and hazards.

ok, sure the xp gain from the minions might need some adjustment,
but i’m not gonna be the judge of that, so that’s it.

of course, i might’ve misinterpreted your comment here, so feel free to correct me if i did.


imagine playing…


Oh you’re right, it is just a boss dungeon, no hallways, but it’d be ironic if someone were to rant about it as of it were a full dungeon wouldn’t it? oh yeah, that’d be a funny joke, too bad no one has made it or anything like that…


I love the new vault UI, but I would really appreciate the ability to sort items by type and tier as well as merely grouping them. I basically want to never have to manually arrange items ever again. Sorting by Feed Power sorts properly in a way that no other option does, but it’s not ideal and doesn’t seem to include items without any FP.

Heck, sorting each subsection by Feed Power and throwing zero-FP items at the end of each alphabetically seems like it would basically work fairly well, since it would group tiers together and for the most part stick UT and ST items in somewhat relevant order.