Mountain Temple #2


Forwarding Silex’s post!

Hi all,

I have been working on an update for the Mountain Temple. We decided to split the update over several update. It will allow us to provide a much needed quality revamp faster.

I have made the following changes to the MT project: Event:

The statues will flash in cyan for 2.5 sec before charging (up from 1 sec)

The event will now always spawn a portal to the dungeon

The statues now drop Kageboshi

MT Dungeon:

the dungeon is smaller

monsters spawn has been tweaked

monsters give more exp

monsters drop items

added an optional Troom. To open it you have to kill Daichi and switch on Lanterns, that can be found in outdoor zones


HP set to 87500

Reduced the last rage phase projectile’s density

Added the Orb of Aether to the drop table

Removed Kageboshi

Increased the loot chance of UT and potions



If the kageboshi change makes it to prod, I’ll have gained an event white ^^


Increase chance from what ?


no second wing? :frowning:

also the power of the uts doesnt match the difficulty of the dungeon in any way.
Currently they are barly worth the inventory slot.


Nice changes!


Orb of Aether:

Cooldown 2 seconds
Cost 90
Create a static energy entity that lasts 5 sec and cast Slowed (3 sec duration) every .2 sec
Radius 5
Create a static energy entity that lasts 1 sec and cast Paralysed (1 sec duration) every .2 sec
Radius 3


There is a graphic glitch with the lantern:


I’ve been waiting for MT 2.0 for SO long


I’m pretty sure the wand has the higheat dps of all the wands except maybe cwand


I think the bonus room after Daichi needs to have a countdown until the box is vulnerable like event chests/pot of gold, + slight hp scaling, as it dies a bit too quickly.


wouldn’t it make more sense if the orb was the event white?


Would the orb drop from troom only? I really dont want to see a white bag from daichi and then see the orb inside, just want the wand


Theoretically maybe, but if you actually try to use it while playing you get 0 loot. The fact that it has slow fire rate and non piercing shots means that you have much lower chances of hitting something.


Oh yes, another subpar UT event white.


yeah i just want it for the aesthetic


I think it should be a real fight instead of a chest…:frowning:


i feel like bulwark is better than cwand and fallen in void


i agree


theoretically yes, but it also has by far the lowest range of all except bulwark and doesnt pierce.

Its basically just an inferior cwand that drops from a way harder enemy


yeah but it looks really cool