Mountain Temple #2


lost just realized that youre not talking to me




inferior my ass.

wand of the fallen inflicts absolutely staggering damage and honestly makes cwand worthless. the range drop isn’t actually that big a deal, and cwand only does more damage on enemies with 84 def or more on a sorcerer. only a very small number of enemies have that much defense, most of them live in the parasite chambers where you can armor break them all anyway. I only carry recomp and fallen because those are the only two I’ll ever need.




Ok its a bit better compared to cwand than I had it in memory.

Still doesnt make sense that its worse than an item that you can buy with potions that take less than half an hour to farm.


No… There already is an event white orb. Facepalm.


whoa, i had a kageboshi but i died with it, so if the statues drop it, id have an event white :o


Is this a common drop?


I guess so.
Also, ninja’d by you :c


thank god


Wand of the fallen is clunky and unpleasant to use. The slow projectile rate, coupled with the low range makes it feel useless to me.


:o they need to put a period after paralyzed


Most of the time you don’t even need that much range. The slow projectile does make aiming a bit harder but I still prefer it over recomp/cwand for the sweet damage.



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you see my hope is that if the reworks go over well this will lead to the other wings being made.


In addition, they revert to the lantern sprite if you turn/look/walk away and then back to flame state when observed. This can give the illusion of having missed a lantern.


holy shit that is one of the most op things I have ever seen.

I seriously hope that orb doesn’t go to prod like that.


it perhaps could use this, but the only classes that give me any any trouble doing rage phase are melees. Daggers, bows, staves, katanas and wands are all fine on rage phase.


im faster than decar

Fallen Wand

Range: 6.6 -> 6.336

Damage: 140-190 -> 145-190 (waw)


Range: 8.4 -> 8.211

Damage: 360-440 -> 414-506

both move faster

also new orb sprite that im too lazy to get

edit: i became not lazy


2nd one is old sprite, first is new, and the rest can be tested in the future


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