Mountain Temple #2




The second person to get liked by Silex.


@Sileeeeex Why do the Jade and Garnet statues only drop skysplitters and no other weapons? :thinking:


There’s already conflict as an orb event white.


I’m assuming you mean recomp. Most whites aren’t as good all around as tiered items. Wand of the Fallen, specifically, is great for single target boss fights where losing a bit of range won’t hurt.

Imo every class will always be 100% viable using only tired items and that doesn’t really need to change.


TROOM addition is great. I love the themed chest. Smaller dungeon makes getting the lighthouses much less of a pain. Possible to rush them all on Rogue but still really dangerous with the Quiet enemies, confuse-spamming enemies, and of course Pet Stasis (mainly the Confusing guys).

Most people (and I initially) get disappointed when we realize it’s “only a troom” since MT was hyped so much on having new wings so everyone thought it was going to be a completely new area but we only get a small room with chest. Overall nice though, I think all dungeons should get a TROOM implementation. Gives them more life (and optional).

New Orb does look OP as shit. Didn’t get it, couldn’t try it. I love that Mystic gets another status added to their arsenal. Assuming it’ll be nerfed because of how devastating it is, definitely keep the Paralyze (slow and paralyze is also really cool for the immune enemies).

Changes to boss fight are absolutely welcome. Slight change to make it much more viable to do but also keeping the core fight the same. It’s enjoyable now and not frustrating.


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