Movement Bug


everytime i press a key it keeps being pressed until i press the opposite key
if i walk forwards i keep walking forwards until i press to walk backwards which locks me down in place
that problem seems to also affect general movement, camera rotation and for some weird reason in game chat like guild, private or general chat
it seems to be a problem with flash player in general because i have noticed the same problem in other flash games aswell
i’m currently using flash projector 32


It’s a problem with Flash. Flash works by detecting events. For the keyboard it detects two events for each key action. KEY_UP and KEY_DOWN. It knows from them when you start and stop using the key.

What you are seeing is what happens when the KEY_DOWN event is missed. This normally happens when the game loses focus. If you hold down a key and click outside the window for example, then when you lift your finger off the key the event might go to another app, including the OS.

There is no coding fix for it, it’s the way Flash works. All you can do avoid the app losing focus. Try not to click outside of the game’s window. Disable any popups like app auto-upfate. Run the game full screen so you can’t click outside it.

The fix BTW is use the key again. If you get stuck going forward press forward again quickly, to give it another KEY_UP event so it knows to stop moving. The same is true for any direction, and the ability key if you hold it down (a Ninja e.g.)


If I read the post correctly, I suffer the same problem. Try pressing O (or whatever your Option Menu key is), then resume.


some keyboards suck and have a limited amount of inputs that can be used at once. Whenever I had this problem I found it was like Skandling said above me I had too many commands being used at once on the keyboard and the key up event was being missed due to overload…

basically you have a shitty keyboard bruh

you can test this by clicking your url field and holding keys till it doesn’t let you change letter

EX: zzzzzzzxxxxxxcccvvvbbbbnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn poor M

Also… I might be totally wrong.


This is possible, but seems unlikely. Keyboards are highly uniform now in how they work. They talk to the PC over a serial connection (PS/2 now USB - even laptop keyboards) and all work pretty much the same way, able to detect enough keys for PC gaming.

Technically they normally support 6KRO, so 6 keys plus the modifier keys. Probably ROTMG at most needs five – three for movement at once, one for ability and one for something else such as switch item or nexusing. It has many more keys but they are not meant to be pressed at once.


This is correct.

I had similar issues when coding a platformer and using SDL 2 library to detect key events.

This was always super useful especially for lazy people (me).


Hmm I only get four (it’s wireless kb). asdffffffffffffffffffffff
Very interesting I never knew this was a thing. I’ll have to bear it in mind.

Edit after below post @Skandling, thanks yes my kb isn’t as crud as I thought, it does at least 5. zzzzeefffffyyyyyyyyyyjjjjjjjjjjjjj.



Try it with another key combination.Although most keyboards support six keys, there may be limits on how many can be in the same row or column. The reason is to do with how the keys are wired internally, in rows and columns, which limits the number of keys it can detect in each row/column.



apparantly you’re right



Well thats weird


Yup I’m very familiar with key board ghosting since it’s killed a few of my characters…

Nexus is tab, and my laptop keyboard cant register tab + back right


If you’re running Windows, then I highly suggest the following executable to fix your issue. I use it for various games, and it’s especially helpful for recording. It’s lightweight and easy to use.


In that case, you should run an AHK script that rebinds tab to F5, the Wild Shadow hardcoded nexus key.

#SingleInstance Force

SetKeyDelay -1
Send {Blind}{F5 DownR}

*Tab up::
SetKeyDelay -1
Send {Blind}{F5 up}