Moving account to new email [can I still access the game?]


Don’t really need to address specs
So next year, I am graduating from high school. My email was given to my by my school, and will get deleted after I graduate. So, if my email account is deleted, can I still access the game? If not, how do I move my account?


You can change your email by sending a ticket to deca but you NEED to remember your security answer.


You can pla without an email but will have to jump through hoops to change password or prove ownership.

You do need security questions.


I changed my email and I was still able to play. Just takes a day or so
And you probably need your security questions!!!


I have firsthand experience with this.

They need proof of purchase if it is available. If you have spent any money at all you must provide this. I had to go through a long goose hunt involving emails to Target and XSolla to get a receipt that I could send to DECA for proof of ownership
Otherwise, security answers are good enough.


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