MrEyeball loses his s***


as you can see, i have asked mreyeball about my stats one too many times and he is very, very pissed at me

However, the tactics that he employs are both subtle and devious.
For example, to not risk getting banned for using offensive language, he employs a bunch of symbols instead. Their meanings are unclear. Perhaps they are the secrets to the ongoings within the Cult? Alas, only he knows.

Not only this, but he decides to take a few jabs at my @#$%&* Knight
He employs the symbol in front of my attack stat, symbolizing his desire to attack and his intent to mercilessly assault me with his foul and unacceptable behavior.
As for why he has targeted the vitality, no one may know. Perhaps he is just very tired, and not very vitalized. This could explain his sudden and abrupt change in mood.

A warning to all my fellow RealmEye users: He may be coming for you next. Stay alert, and stay tuned for the next episode of MrEyeball loses his shit.


Ya boi

Why am I beeping?
Harmless messages getting filtered as spam
Why am I beeping?
PM system is censoring too many words
PM system is censoring too many words

It’s not just mreyeball. The bots in the nexus, my guild, and myself are all noticing it. It’s going as far as filtering individual letters, even…

Edit: It may have something to do with the offensive language filter with some experimenting.


Yeah, I tried inviting someone to Book’s @:$^%£$ earlier but Deca filtered it.

I mean, *ahem* the "£%^%^ I joined today.
THE GUILD. damn, deca.

I only noticed it in pms so far, but whatever it is it's not doing a great job.

also I KNEW that I recognised you from somewhere, you sneaky little forum user, you. Should’ve screenshotted in game.


That is what MrEyeball wants you to think. Little do we know, he is taking over DECA as well. Pretty soon all event bosses will disappear… except the pentaract… sigh.


tHe FeAtUrE yOu DeScRiBeD wOrKiNg As InTeNdEd. As ThE iSsUe Is ReSoLvEd, I wIlL bE cLoSiNg ThIs SuPpOrT tIcKeT.

iF yOu NeEd AnY aDdItIoNaL sUpPoRt, FeEl FrEe To OpEn A nEw ReQuEsT iN oUr HeLp CeNtEr.


we have entered the matrix. do not believe anything you see, do not trust anyone you meet. from this point forward…


I’m guessing Deca is testing out filtering many words, such as ‘0’, since a lot of bots use ‘0ryx’ to bypass the ‘oryx’ word filter. They’re trying to create filters to counter the bots and the RWT sites they advertise.


Please have patience while Deca devs watch tutorials on youtube on how to implement user filters.


I don’t get why they’re muting some words. If words are getting muted, the bot creators can just change what they’re saying easily. Plus, its really annoying to players because they keep getting their words muted and ranodmly shadowbanned.


That’s my opinion to the T.


Ginorm is in my guild lol


yeah im very confuzxzzeled


thanks for the laughs, love this post


Shit like this is going to be what pushes me back away from this game. Sick of being censored while bots continue to spam. I hope that whoever manages the chat filters gets the help they need, cause they’re obviously braindead.


I changed something in the settings and I started to beep, how to fix it?

Can I buy a life?
Where are you?
Why am I beeping?


apparently deca wants to censor the word "I’

it even does it to guild things from fury’s screenshot


It’s even censoring yellow text what the crap


the letter “i” and the word “not” seem to be getting censored
i’m gonna decipher his message as “I come on every once in a while now too”
“I”, “on”, “in”, “a”, and “while” are all censored too.


I have this error too. Censors words: for, it, 1, 2, are.
How to fix it?


You, unfortunately, can’t.
Whoever is/are the ones responsible for creating the censored-words-list can - though I’m like 60% sure that it’s not a conscious choice that all these things are being censored.