MrEyeball loses his s***


I can’t tell people to “google” something up…
Saying something about “oryx lag incoming” is also filtered as spam for some reason


This is the fourth thread made for this. Please do some research to see if there are already threads for the topic you are thinking of before you make a new thread.


[There. I have merged those four threads to be in one mega-thread, as it seems to be a hot topic right now. Thank you @RareMeat for referring people here, though I didn’t feel the need to move those particular posts.]


Can we put it in Bugs & Known Issues instead of Community Hub?

[Done. Thanks for pointing out that was still there! -Book]


looks like this is fixed? not sure about what else to try


i dm’d “stats” to Mr.Eyeball and got the normal, uncensored answer

I’m assuming that it’s fixed by now


Yeah, it looks like whatever was screwing with literally everything in chat has been retracted. Still wondering how a filter managed to be fucked up this bad, but if it’s gone now then whatever.


Likely something to do with the code itself, nothing a programmer or whatever explicitly did.
Maybe the recent announcement about aliens…meant something…hmmm…


I am sorry to say that Part 2 has been cancelled


just FYI, the title of this thread is misleading, and I wouldn’t have created my own thread, had I known this one existed


It’s ok. If the issue doesn’t pop up again in the near future, we can close it, but in the meantime, you can change your own title, if you wish! It’s your thread, after all. @Alphacroc might do the same for this, unless we want to keep it for the laughs.


Probably just TMI at this point, but “google”, “g00gle”, “g0ogle”, “go0gle”, “oryx (random letters) in” is still being filtered. Not only in /tell, but in chat overall. You get an in game message in red colored font if you say any of the 5 phrases above.

The word “prices” is also being censored in /tell

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You get shadow muted for saying “realm”. Forget everything else in the list and just let that soak in on its own. Braindead, I say.


Freedom of speech please…




that’s book, changed his pfp back


I was less concerned about the eyeball. I know it was OtherBook, but I’m more concerned about why he’s literally rigged the system to think that he’s typing on all the threads at once.


Open multiple tabs, click reply, done


how is my shitpost still getting responses and likes wtf
maybe part 2 soon
some chat filter gonna be fucked up eventually lmao


Just because we like you, Alpha.