Mspaint Crystal Prisoner


i got bored, saw the terrible depictions of this sprite, and decided to give her some love with my mspainting skills

(edit) fixed up the formatting so cry can actually be seen


wow i always thought that tan color was part of the eyes i feel stupid lol. nice drawing!


They played us like a damn fiddle!


also took me years to realise that it’s a kind of headress instead of huge eyes, and i only found out due to taking a good look between her and the forgotten king


Can’t have a crystal prisoner thread on this forum with out letting this masterpiece resurface



terrifying, i wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole


I mean, hey, better than what I thought when I was younger. I thought the red spot in the middle of the sprite was a mouth, back in the day. Lol.


This is really well done! Good job!


that’s what i first thought of when i first saw the title lol


I often thought of the Crystal Prisoner as a man: light skin, red eyes, and giant black mustache…


The lore says she’s teh forgotten king’s wife


All these years I always thought the red and white was it’s mouth xd


i mean it’s all up for interpretation and imagination so if you think it’s a mouth then it’s a mouth lol
i took some creative liberties and decided that she likes jewelry


Will still always believe its some big-eyed monster with a gaping mouth. Still in my mind the biggest power over Oryx, despite what lore DECA puts upon it.


you didnt ask for this but here you go


actually kinda reminds me of this


More or less just one big eye, but yea this is just about right. Also AAAAAA on lining of Windows 7+ MSPaint


I like it, makes him look like a person from the 17th century.


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