MT/Encore/Pumkin bug


This is an odd one but I’ve confirmed it’s happening in all three places:

  • The Mountain Temple boss
  • Puppet Master Encore
  • bonus Pumpkin 6th Cemetery wave

All of them have a special shot which is aimed at the nearest player every couple of seconds. The MT it’s an animal head which causes unstable, from about 1/2 health. The Encore and Pumpkin it’s just a large shot which causes weak.

They all work similarly in two stages. The shot first moves a square away from the central boss, then shoots in the direction of the nearest player. Except that second aimed shot isn’t happening, the shot simply disappears.

It’s been like this since the last update. I noticed it in MT and the Cemetery, but only just confirmed it happens in the Encore too.


@seelpit i remember you commenting on it a few weeks ago, is there an explanation yet?


The best guess I have is that it’s a bug with transitions using 0.5 seconds. Realm has a “tick speed” for most behaviors of 5 ticks per second - which is abnormally slow; for comparison, an fps game like Team Fortress 2 generally runs at 66 ticks per second.
Because of this tick rate, if a time value isn’t a multiple of 0.2, it can produce some strange results. The best example is stacked shots in the Shatters; Kabam, in all their wisdom, tried making enemies that shot every 0.3 seconds…which made them shoot with weird intervals of 0.2, then 0.4, and repeat.

My best bet for what “fixed” this: a recent update fixed cooldowns for procs accidentally rounding when they shouldn’t. This is why the AoO cloak used to spam its heal if you were drowning: its cooldown was 0.4, but it got rounded down to 0.
And somehow this might have also affected transitions?

As for why those three objects specifically: they’re all identical. All of them were made by Sil3x, so they share the exact same xml behavior.
That’s also why El Dorado’s mask shot isn’t affected. Toastrz used a proper transition time when making it.


Seems very odd both this and the Miner wave-spam started at the same time. It sounds like something to do with timing on both, so yeah the unintended consequences of fixing something else. Especially when you start messing with timing – so much of the game both to do with players and enemies depends on quite complex timing code (timing has to deal with both varying frame rates and varying network conditions).

I’ve never looked at the code and have only looked at very old XML before anything so complex was possible, so I don’t have the same insights into it. But it all sounds very plausible.


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