Muledump update :D


Hello there!

A month ago I made a new option for muledump, and a few days ago, I see someone completed the renders.png (thing I would never do myself xD)

Yet, there was some things that needed to be changed in my opinion, like centering of a lot of items (st spell/prisms/traps/etc.), like the reskin hydra/acclaim, the t13 items, etc.

So I changed all the things that hurt my eyes and finally succeeded to understand how GitHub works (after many tries lol), so I made this updated version of MuleDump (forked from Atomizer version, so it’s safe, didn’t knew we could do that at first xD)

So here is the reddit thread, there are the links showing what is the option and the link to the GitHub

I put the link of the GitHub in Useful Links on realmeye as well

Cheers :slight_smile:


Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here
How to DIY add new items to Muledump

Is Muledump still against TOS? Just wondering :3


Muledump is a 3rd party software, so technically, yes. However, deca does not punish muledump and at some points has even helped it (when they broke it in an update they released how to fix it) so you do not have to worry about being banned for using it. Currently, muledump is broken/ip banned/something weird so DECA may have finally decided to take action against it.


It’s broken for me right now, muledump went to heck like two days ago, constantly saying “server error.” Any idea how to fix this?


Seconding, even the old Muledump does that.
Reading the error it outputs, it seems that the server is returning the info of a new unregistered unnamed account, as if it had failed to log in.


Seems to be working on and off. More precisely if you hit Reload sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t with a server error. Tested just a minute ago.


So far i’ve been trying a lot over three days and sill doesn’t work at all. I’ll keep trying, thanks!


if you are still unaware of it, they put an ip restriction on the number of connections. I think it’s 4-5 every 10min. Thing is, muledump use yahoo server, meaning you’ll use yahoo ip (and everyone using any muledump version will have the same ip), so it means you can update 4-5 accounts every 10 min if no one else tried to reload their accounts too. Aka, you will never succeed to reload muledump lol.

About deca doing that on purpose, don’t worry, it was unintentional, that fix was to fight bots/multiboxer and the like, but the unforeseen effect was to kill muledump. As this is 3rd party program, they don’t care that much, so they do plan to fix it, but they don’t care of fixing it really really fast. Just wait some time, they will probably make an annoucement when they succeed to fix it :slight_smile:


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