Music Gone


Very disappointed, that’s all

Realm Rewind 2021

is o3 song gone? if so im never steppin foot in it again.


Seeing as even pre 2020 soundtracks were removed Its very likely it was also removed


It’s a good thing I hardly ever played this game with sound of any kind to begin with…

Vault, Overworld, and Nexus music especially were the main reasons I’d ever turn it on in the first place, on occasion. :frowning:


general consensus from the people i see in-game react to as to why there is no more music is “deca greedy”


So many times people make uninformed statements because they don’t know the full picture. Not just in game, in the world in general, which is pretty sad


TLDR Composer left because he was dissatisfied with DECA promising things that didn’t happen.

Since DECA didn’t own the rights to the new music that’s why only the rotmg theme has been playing
You can support the composer here:


I’m currently trying to just… hand DECA the usage rights for all post-2020 tracks so they can stay in the game.
I composed them for RotMG and they would feel out of place anywhere else


peek this one like really, peek this one

nooooo more lost halls boom

no more o3 boom

no more nexus boom

noooo more music

you’ve been crushed


Regardless of what blame goes where, or even what happened at all, I’m sorry that things worked out poorly for you. Thank you for all the time you dedicated to what we currently have, and may your musical future look brighter! I know exactly the time and effort it takes to compose music as a fellow musician, both in composition and playing! :smile:


I think they might’ve done it because they know they’re gonna have to make new music for new dungeons, and it’s not gonna fit in, but still really sucks.
Also i just cannot believe deca doesn’t have the money to finance such a crucial thing in a game as soundtrack… it’s really a mystery to me how the game is being kept alive.


For many, it unfortunately seems to be… addiction…Shhhhh…


people really gotta realize it’s just 8 by 8 pixel sprites and meaningless numbers and nothing more… i’m glad i can just give up playing for a week during event if i need/want to do other things


I’d also like to post Spave’s (The 2nd music composer) post:

Also, Thank you. I just wish this didn’t have to happen in the first place :confused:


I also have something to post as well, one reddit comment by a user known only as McWillies.
a summery of the controversy and the events that happened(with perhaps some harsh truth and reality).

I would suggest reading the whole thing entirely(not in one sitting of course).
I would also suggest that you temper your emotions(and thus having a clear and open mind) while reading it.

My feelings on the one controversy

part of me is angry about the controversy happening.
most of me is just generally disappointed that the controversy happened.
most of me is also disappointed with the higher ups at deca and @WangleLine because of the way it occured.
(not disappointed with spave though)

no offense, just mostly disappointed with this one thing.


Were you the person that made the original supporter beta placeholder song? The one that just sort of faded in and out and was in every dungeon except sprite world and lost halls, but was removed for the official release?




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