My accessories


More equipment slot?


i shouldnt even be saying this cuz im terrible at making sprites but…

add some shading at the neckless part? it look kinda angled…


That’s a pretty sexy lookin’ belt


What’s the 9th stat and why did you use the stat potion colors instead of the ring gem colors?

The accessories look nice, but I don’t really see an application for them.


there is Att > Def > Spd > Vit > Wis > Dex > Life > Mana > Hp.
I do not pretend to use my sprites in the game. I just like to draw them. :slight_smile:


incredible sprites. The rings on the third row are my favorite.

Already following you on twitter too :blush:


Those rings though


I really love how the belts are. Nice work :slight_smile:


Thank you! It was very hard work with belt shape. But I think I found a good perspective for the belt.:slight_smile:


life = hp

awesome sprites though


irrelevant. I just trying on colors. :slight_smile:


Your accessory items are represented in all the right colors except the life and mana ones are colored like the potions they represent, not the actualy rings currently in game… well, I noticed that you had an hp colored ring, but no ring that matches the grayish blue/purple of mp boosting rings.

k, well I already typed this all out so :wink:


Those earrings and amulets!!


This is amazing


Holy… These are better sprites than i’ve ever done it would be amazing if deca mad another slot dedicated to these.


ayye how bout deca can make these consumeables, then if consumed, they can appear on u char.





Hey, That’s pretty good!


the bow sprite. C;


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