My concepts/sketches


Of course not, Lol xd
I do this for another project, a more suitable place where I can realize my ideas and feelings.

Horrbone the Mage
Another concept for the realm enemy.

Horrbone’s rework

I am trying to connect his story with the cult of summoners. The distinctive mark of this cult is the dressing Robe of the Invoker




My new NPE ninja!

Patrick Star btw lel xd.



All of your sprites are amazing and could easily fit in the RotMG universe, aesthetically and via animations. It looks so genuine, it’s outstanding. Would love to see more from ya! ^-^b


such reviews are nice to read!
I suspended the work on this project. Because it is busy with other projects. For example, here. We make a clicker game for mobile devices. Be sure, I will make a whole bunch of references from rotmg :smiley:


Some concepts.

I slept very little that night. Inspiration does not ask my desires. I just did it. %)



New dungeon where you fight Oryx while he’s trying to take a bath confirmed.


Back to RotMG arts.

After a whole month of rest, I get back into this industry. I’m not empty handed. I have fresh boss design.

In game:


2 options w/eye’s and w/out eye’s. What one do you like? :slight_smile:



Eyes, definitely!


Shroom guy





Oooh nice Halloween sprite


Know this is a bit late but I personally find no eyes more frightening because he is left faceless


Another concept.



Merasmus’ Skull Hat But It’s Alive


New design concepts.

More in twitter(click pic below)



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