My first actual ROTMG video


Here’s my first actual ROTMG video that isn’t just random low-effort snip of gameplay.

Feedback appreciated, but feel free to roast me :slight_smile:

EDIT: I don’t know why the video quality is suboptimal :frowning:


This is amazing… and somehow sorta sad at the same time.


How do you mean?

Sad as in it made you feel sad or sad as in this was poorly made and just cringy to watch?


niether, sad as in why would you do this to yourself? Thats also why its funny though.


Because it’s fun to GO DEEEEP


oh yes, its also very fun to watch.


This video gives me war flashbacks


Nice video! By the way, how did that switch die at 5:04?


Aw shucks go back to reddit


I’m not active on reddit


Reported to guild management, currently investigating.

Good eyes btw, I missed that while watching thru the footage


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