My first oreo ever, just played with 25 minutes



I got it like 3 weeks ago, then I decided to make a pally and test how invulnerability works, well, I tried to tank an ice adept and… that’s what happened.



so what was the point of this post?


Community Hub is not for posting tales of rotmg adventures? If not, I’m sorry, I’m new at the forums.


welcome have a :cookie: :milk_glass:

are u trying to achieve something with this thread? or u just posting a death, bc those go in the Death Thread (someone can move it for u if its the latter)


Didn’t know there was a death thread, I’ll post this there so.


i gotchu @nevoovvoovovovo @Nevov


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I’ve moved your original post onto The Death Thread. RIP. :skull_and_crossbones: