My Mediocre PPE



I don’t know how many people actually still use this forum, but I’ma give this a go. So, I’m just coming back to the game from quite a while ago, and I wanted to start off with a PPE (a sorcerer PPE to be exact) and I was just wondering if anyone on here wants me to post updates on it or anything. I guess if you want me to post updates, then just put in a comment or heart thingy to let me know, I don’t really know how you guys normally do it, so it’s just whatever.

By the way, don’t expect anything pro gamer level of stuff, since it’s been a while.

Edit: I will start my PPE today! For now I will just post screenshots of my progress (cool items, stats, etc), but if you guys want me to, I can later post small clips, too, just let me know!


If this is true I would likely follow the updates.

Otherwise it’s the same content as “everywhere”.

and btw. my ppe char slot is also inhabited by a sorcerer (not played yet, but rolled the dices so it’s a sorcerer).


I keep track of PPEs! The ones where people think they’re bad often feel more human and are more fun to watch, tbh. Best of luck!


First Update


Level 20 stats:

Gear and Stats Currently:

More to come!


Gear and Stats now:


Love seeing some Sorc love


Probably Final Update of the Day:


If you guys want me to do something differently or add something (like showing cool drops or something) just let me know. Any feedback is welcome!


Okay, actual last update of the day:


Well, it looks like you’re off to a healthy start! Don’t try doing anything too dangerous now, y’hear? (;


Sir, yes sir! XD
What do you think should be my limits of what I should be doing? Like what dungeons should I completely avoid for now?


Well, doing a bit of snooping, it looks like you have some capability for doing more difficult places, but if your graveyard is telling me anything (beyond having a few particular enemies that seemed to kill you more than others), it’s that you should focus on maxing your stats before tackling anywhere that makes you feel uneasy. You’ve acquired some wonderful gear, past and present, but if you select any ?/8 most of your characters have died at, a very small percentage of them actually had their stats completed before you perished.

With that being said, perhaps you could focus on harvesting pots from dungeons you don’t have issues with until dramatically strengthened, then see how strong you fare against the titans. You can feel the difference! (Sorry for stalking, btw…)


Thanks for the tips! I don’t mind that you stalked, it was to help me anyway, so it’s all good.


I will be posting today’s update in a couple hours, so stay tuned!



And… Death

I decided to do an assassin PPE now

Also, I was 1 vitality off of 5/8 :frowning:

If you guys want me to do a different class, I’m perfectly fine with that, just let me know!


Hey! You got higher in total maxed stats though, right? Bravo in the meantime.

O2 was one of the enemies that seemed to get you a few times. Perhaps you could get a few hits in then observe his behaviors for a while, keeping a safe distance? You’re an assassin, so it’s feasible to do that!


Yeah, I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings and sat on one of the suns as it exploded, but I’ll definitely try going from range next time.


I won’t be posting an update today, due to lack of time, but I think I’ll be able to get one out tomorrow.


Just a heads up, I won’t be able to post any updates for three or four more days, sorry about that.


Sorry about not posting anything in a long time, I wasn’t at home and didn’t have time to play, I should be back to posting very soon.