My Mediocre PPE


I’m really sorry about how long it’s been, but I think that I can now post stuff again, but I won’t make any promises. I might post every other day, I might post once or twice a week, I’m not sure, either way it’s at least something. I won’t be doing the assassin PPE like I had said, but instead I’ll do another sorc PPE because I really enjoyed that class and it’s not one that I normally use/used. Thank you for your patience and enjoy MotMG while it’s here.


I played a bit today and got to level 20 (nothing much) and I’ll be posting the stats/loot tomorrow afternoon, stay tuned!


fuck yeah im hyped


Here it is! It’s not much but it’s the beginning. Tomorrow should be the next post, see you then!




May the winds of fortune fly at your back. I look forward to your journeying!


Thanks for the support guys! I ended up dying, but it was my own mistake, I thought I could attempt O2, but died by the minions on the way there, as I was 0/8, but I’ll know not to try for next time. I’ll probably be starting up a new one on Sunday, as a sorcerer again. Have a great weekend everyone!


F :frowning:
Good luck on sunday!




I’ll be posting the progress on Tuesday as I will not have time to do so until then. Just a note, I will not be posting on any Mondays or Wednesdays
Have a good Monday!


Update! Just a bit passed lvl 20