My O3 Adventures


I think i spam too many threads with stuff that happens in o3 so I will just consolidate all of it here in the future, including deaths, funny stuff, loot, shit RLs say, heart attack moments, and other misc. events.

All clips have sound enabled! If it’s imgur turn on the sound!

"first o3 any tips"

I think the only RL that thinks this is funny is foxesrock. I mainly say it just to… well, I don’t really have a motive. I just say it. It’s just something I say, you can’t stop me.

Triple kill+ I almost die

I got spooked. The beeping sound is my recording program.

I got baited so hard

sus trade

Guy runs up to me and asks for a mana. Well, I guess i made a net profit of most likely duped skins.


I think I’m going start doing o3’s again, since o3’s are fun (and I kinda want my divinity back)

really have only gotten 2 t14 daggers and a t15 robe, but I mean, let’s hope I get more items


i havent gotten a single t15 robe i hate you


haven’t gotten a single majesty I hate you


i have 2 and i love them


I have one and I love it


nice forge

gave myself a heart attack lmfao tp on damma shots and grazed


baited again (different raid)


UBHP stinky BTW.


yeah only noobs use ubhp i use 1/4 dps rings


first o3 any tips


This is my wifi.


I’m actually like, mald. CAN I PLEASE GET GAMBA’S FATE??? b



Biggest bullshit ever


Gambler’s Fate is for those who don’t know how to play trickster.



Was that 10% HP Celestial? Man if that was and you got DC’ed, I get triggered.

Also, is it just me that I find 10% Celestial really satisfying to see?


i need it to 4/4 trickster.

Also i’m more than qualified to use GAMBA. I’m a god trix user.


i have like 7 and i love them



shut up now

You are Making Me Very Angry