My PowerPoint Art


Hey, so recently I have really gotten into making/editing images using powerpoint and figured I should post some in a thread instead of spread out over 3-4 threads.I will add more when I have time to make them.

Warrior vs King


Taking out the Ogmur


Necro Swag


Random "Hax"


Bes vs the World


The Mona Priesta

"Melee Unfriendly?"


Insane Dream PPE???


Im the richest man in the world


Necro vs wizard I guess


How many layers of jugg are you on?


Necro Starter pack


PPE Knight starter pack


Some of them are kinda stupid/poorly done but I hope at least a few of them were enjoyable for you.


I look the first one best, I think. Fun work!


Update! Added “Melee Unfriendly?” and Mona Priesta!


Bes with a jugg and ass? That’s a world I hope to never live in


Mona Priesta gave me a good laugh


These are really good, make more xD


Powerpoint? Like in the microsoft slide program? :sunglasses:


Yes. it and word share some features that make creating/editing pictures easy.

(and fun for me)


The strokes on these masterful pieces look almost real, how did you do it?!?!


Hey guys been at a camp over the weekend but im back now so I shall be commencing more art soon.

lyfe hax


Added “Insane Dream PPE???”

More coming soon!



been kinda lazy recently and haven’t made many new ones but probably more later today or in the next couple of days.


You should make the Necro Swag one your new profile picture :wink:

A question though: Why is there a Bulwark around the Necromancer? He can’t use it :confused:


too big, I have it as my user card background tho

Because bulwark is a rare ut that only the necro is swag enough to get. I actually never noticed that the only items around him except the bulwark were usable by necro until now. xD

(Fun fact: my first and only bulwark was obtained on my necro)


After 6+ years, I have finally obtained my first ever Bulwark!
I got it on a Wizard, and it is currently on my Sorcerer c:

^ Those cloths ;3;


Triggered, didn’t even have it equipped


image :confused:


Added new art bump!


Pls give suggestions im out of ideas :frowning:


Oryx fighting some noob wizards and necros and then suddenly a knight comes and FUCKING BITCHSLAPS HIM ACROSS TIME AND SPACE