My RotMG prequel fangame progress!


Made a new opening animation for my fangame!

Play the beta:
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got to the last phase flawless then took 2 hits :frowning:


got to the last phase flawless then took 1 hit :frowning:




Nice! Thanks for checking out the game.


Unforgiving! Lots of fun, though. Might try again later if I have time. Thanks for opening this up for us to try!


I appreciate being able to toggle the CRT - personally I would never use that visual effect but I suppose some people might.


Thanks for playing the game! And always remember: your hitbox is that little white dot, you can get away with quite a lot compared to realm =) (I know, it’s a real challenge, but hopefully that throws players a bone)


So what you’re saying is it’s designed like an actual bullet hell


Tried it out and it was pretty fun! One thing that I did notice is the fact that phase transitions are harder than the actual phases themselves because of the lingering shots/small timeframe between phases.

Particularly between phase 6 (spiraling c-shaped bullets with a bunch of slow bullets) and 7 (a bunch of bullets and 5-shot shotgun that’s aimed at your location), those slow and boomerang shots often take out life or two

I guess another thing is how some bullet patterns seem out of sync? Dunno if it's intentional or not

Like in phase 2 with the 5-shot spread and the 2-shot spread. It would seem like the 5-shot will hit you unless you move, and the 2-shot doesn’t hit you if you stay still, so i thought the strategy was to move then stop, then move, then stop, but them being out-of sync, it was just easier to circle.


Rage inducing but fun

Reminds me of the Idoz fangame

I would’ve preferred customisable keybinds (ingame, not from the startup screen) and a static (non-flashing) white dot on the character but I doubt those are necessary to add atm

The transition from the 3rd to 2nd last phase is the most difficult part of the fight imo due to the lingering and boomerang shots from the previous one


Thx for checking out the game!

It should probably still be in alpha cause it’s literally the first real build of the game, but I decided why not just put it online. There’s still a lot that will be fixed/changed/added like timing of phases and certain shots


Yep a menu and keybinds will be added in time. I just thought “I could spend the same time making a really good menu, but then have no game prototype to play” The dot flashes because your shots are rendered on top but it’s already been fixed and will be put in the next build


This is really good. Like with traditional bullet hells, the hitbox isn’t actually the player model but the white dot in the middle of them. Even still, I’d like if the player model were shrunk down a tiny bit (makes you feel more small in the face of huge enemies).

All the phases so far are also really fun. I assume more will come as you flesh this out, but my suggestion now is to add certain modifiers to make the game harder (or easier I guess) to those that want the challenge, such as 1 Heart runs, or your weapon has less range, etc. Overall though, good shit man.


so I finally recorded a video about the whole boss in my game talking through how to do it hitless


Hello again. I just finished up the release for power levels, plus a patch. Here’s a video showing the gameplay =)

I’ll probably make the player gain power from landing shots, instead of waiting a period of time.
Get the latest beta release here:


A big thank you to the person who donated to support the game <3 with your help, it allows me to spend more time on AotMK.


I haven’t updated for a while. Here’s a video of some effects I’m testing out for the second stage:

I’ve been working on the main menu, boss minions, character selection, and difficulty selection.


at first i read that as “Decultist” rather than “Occultist”… whoops


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