My second video!


This time I have fixed the sound issue, so there is a little bit more space for criticism, please tell me what you think, I would much appreciate it! :slight_smile:


First impressions:

-It’s really long.

-Is it an NPE?

-Playing with rotation off isn’t my cup of tea, part of dodging is being able to circle and spin between shots

-Do you really just not have a pet… not one?

-And of course…well, it’s a really long uncut that IMO is not something I’d watch because it’s not mid-game or end-game content.

Good things:

-Good visual

-Good audio


Considering that they are on a 1 star account: No I doubt they have a pet.


Thanks, once the content becomes more end game, will such a long video be watchable?

Was it broing to listen to?

I’m trying to keep the gaming up with commentary, so maybe once it becomes more end game it will be more enjoyable?

Thanks for the response, I do not have a pet it is a new account


It’s pretty hard to hear – I’m forced to have my volume bars unnaturally high to listen to your commentary. Maybe it’s just me.

EDIT: The YouTube volume was on half. My bad.


I had a pet within like 2 hours of playing. So…kek.