My Submission to June Art Contest 2018


Hey, its me AbRod… nobody remembers me so to the point.

This time i got 3 different projects

Basilisk Kinght skin
"Only the strongest survives the deeps of the jungle"
as it names recalls this is a knight who got lost in the Forbidden Jungle and made his set out of Basilisk parts
The colors are based on the basilisk itself, the brown of the shield and the rope that ties the mask is from the leather belt from the default paladin skin and the blade color is from the Forbidden jungle hunter

One thing that i want to point out is the fact that there is no shadow on the side of this one, im aware of that, thats like the last thing to do for me so… yeah.

Seahorse pet skin
This is more like the grown version of the seahorse at Ocean Trench, i say grown cause the seahorses there look like babies.
The colors are from the sea mare, her hair to be precise.

Another floor pattern for the Puppet Master Theater
I don´t know about you guys but i feel like the Pup looks really boring in terms of all the rooms except for the initial, troom and boss room, so i tried to see if a tiny difference could create something better and here it is, all the colors are the same, only the shape changes.


pet looks really good, and the floor looks nice, although you need to submit a boss sprite for that part, not an environmental sprite. char skin looks ok, but theres a bit too much happening at once


Thanks for that, i guess the puppet master will keep his floor intact
Talking about the skin i thought in the chest part to reduce the 3 colors of the original basilisk to 2 or even 1 to reduce what you said


chest part looks good, its the headpiece hes wearing which sorta throws me off


oh, you mean like simplify it? cause its literally the face of a basilisk
I thought it would be a nice detail to actually replicate the head horns(?)




How about this
For the front view i would really like to keep the division on the top of the mask and simplifying the rest to give some rest to the whole headpiece


Wb hope you had a nice half year break from forums xd.

Skin looks like a skimpy yellow dude haha, love the seahorse tho


Hey, looks like somebody does ;>

well yeah im back



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