My thoughts on the new update


I know that I am a tad late to the party & that a lot of people have already given their share of thoughts, but hey, doesn’t hurt to have another player’s thoughts too!

Exaltation - LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! This is such a good idea, and I am glad we have a long term goal for ROTMG besides grinding for gear. Extra stat bonuses, extra loot drop chances, exclusive pet & player skins…I can’t wait for it.

Vital Combat - We ALL knew this day would come eventually. With everybody rightfully complaining about pets being broken, a nerf was bound to happen sooner or later. And this is, honestly, a refreshing nerf that rewards dodging & hampers face-tanking. FINALLY, Vit has a secondary use! That begs the question…will Fungal Breastplate become viable? Probably not at the moment, given that 60 VIT = 2.4 seconds of IC/OOC reduction. But after somebody completes all the Exaltation perks…it might. Knight might be able to get away with it though, so maybe it’ll be very good on Knight.

Class Re-balancing - This one…is MOSTLY good. But I must address the elephant in the room. I HATE the planned Priest nerfs. It’s just too much for one of the least popular classes. I would be fine with either A) Tome cooldown by itself. Or B) Spammable Tomes, but with less heal & split healing. All 3 at once will DESTROY the viability of Priests to the point that people will likely avoid it at all costs. As for the Puri nerf, that is also far too much of nerf. Give Tome of Geb the self-purification effect & leave Puri alone.

Status re-balances - I am all for it! This makes Knight ESPECIALLY happy, now that it can Stun stuff that it couldn’t before! Permastun & permaparalyze was extremely problematic to the point that a good chunk of later bosses were outright immune to both to prevent it from becoming a pinata. This planned update is a fair balance & makes Electric pets possibly problematic.

UT tweaks - THANK GOD QOT IS GETTING ITS COOLDOWN REMOVED. Now it becomes a much more viable item in the Archer’s arsenal. Love how Oreo is no longer junk. And that Conflict buff…that makes my Mystic quite happy. My only complaint…Kageboshi & CDirk STILL needs buffs…but eh, maybe someday.


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Just goes to show how often I visit Realmeye’s forum. :stuck_out_tongue:


On top of 60 (Paladin, Samurai) / 75 (Warrior, Knight) vitality, that easily comes out to 120 / 135, equal to a reduction of 4.8 / 5.4 seconds…meaning you’d only bee in IC for a meager 2.2 / 1.6 seconds.
It’s kinda ridiculous - if anyfin, it might even need a nerf!

Purification just is that broken. Any proposal to keep the group puri, no matter how restrictive, would keep Puri’s status as “oh you wanted to kill us with statuses other than Quiet or Silenced? too bad”-tome.
Kidd’s still fining out some details on it as well as tomes in general (I presume), though.

On Exaltation, I’d agree that it’s good for a longer-term grind “post-endgame”, but with the only metric being dungeons…eh…