Mystery Mystery skins


Unsure if this is the correct place to put this… might just belong in the Whine Cellar… but why the heck are the mystery mystery skins no longer redeemable at the tinkerer. I decided I would wait until after the event was over to see how many I got before picking which to redeem them for. I decided this morning only to find out I have an item in my inventory that I can’t even feed??? The tinkerer has event quests for oryx ability shards which haven’t dropped since I came back in December (and the tinkerer has had this quest available the whole time), but this event which ended less than two days ago isn’t a relevant quest? I didn’t even choose pony (pet skin) and that is an option for me… why in the hell can’t I redeem my mystery mystery skin. Should I make a report ticket for this? This is bizarre and annoying.


I would try and send a support ticket, not sure if it will accomplish anything but doesn’t take too long and would definitely be worth it. Sorry to hear about this tho