Mythic Raid System [MRS]


We’re toying with 32x at the moment because we’re hoping that raid bosses (and the boss rooms they are in) will be massive.

Going back to 16x is definitely feasible, but having imposing + large raid bosses is a core design feature we would like to have.




Sorry I’m a little sleep-deprived at the moment. :upside_down_face:


oh i thought there was a team working on it


There is! Currently, there is one 1 team (Production). We will be expanding (and recruiting) for 3 separate teams:

  • Production
  • Art
  • Balance

I’ll post the details in the OP later tonight.

Interested? We are currently recruiting for our 3 design teams!

Production Team - FULL

Core system planning and execution from top to bottom.

Art Team (NEW) - RECRUITING / Creative Lead OPEN

Creative design, spriting, and BGM. Works closely with Production.

Balance Team (NEW) - RECRUITING / Balance Lead OPEN

Class + skill balancing, tempo, and number crunching. Works closely with Production.

If you would like to apply to a team, please comment below with the following format:

  • IGN:
  • RealmEye Link:
  • Position: (Production / Art / Balance)
  • Relevant Skills:
  • Discord (Y/N):
  • Can I attend Friday meetings at 7 PM PST? (Y/N):

Discord: Coming Soon!

Google Doc: Coming Soon!


IGN: GCRoach

RealmEye Link:

Position: Production / balance.

Relevant Skills: Currently on the tail end of my freshman year at Digipen Institute, getting my bachelors in Game Design. I have experience making analog games, digital prototypes, and pixel art animation. I would prefer to be on the production team as narrative design is my specialty but I do have some experience in systems design and would be able to contribute to the balance team. I am no expert in unity but I am currently learning it in my classes and will improve rapidly with time.

At the bottom of this comment I will include a portfolio including design writeups, presentations, example animation work, and a link to a webcomic I ran some time ago called “Roachverse”.

Discord (Y/N): Y
Can I attend Friday meetings at 7 PM PST? (Y/N): Y


Will PM you later tonight along with Discord access and more information.


needs more shading!! for a 32*32 If you’re going to make is massive, you gotta make it really good!. The wings are incredible but the face and body is kinda bland


Thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately, I’m no sprite expert - I’ll try my best to give him some proper shading.

We’re currently looking for help in making the art for this idea - if you know anyone interested in joining the Art Team, please let me know.


If @johnMH still shows up, he might be willing to help and he was good at spriting.




love it.


I’ve been summoned.


@JohnMH - PM’d you directly with more details and will invite you to the Discord if you want to chat.


Damn, this is pretty dedicated. It’s nice to see realm having such a passionate following.


Is. He is good at spriting. :stuck_out_tongue:


well he hasn’t sprited recently. Maybe he suddenly got bad in the past week :stuck_out_tongue: We can’t be sure…



shrug who knows c:


You should consider putting this up on reddit so it gains more traction. I really like the idea :slight_smile: