Mythic Raid System [MRS]

  • IGN: FatOck
  • RealmEye Link:
  • Position: (Production / Art / Balance) Art
  • Relevant Skills: A decent ability to sprite (using and a love to do so. I don’t have much other qualifications for that but making sprites/art for the game I love is always fun
  • Discord (Y/N): Y
  • Can I attend Friday meetings at 7 PM PST? (Y/N): Y



IGN: Haxings
Realmeye Link:
Position: Balance and if we are low on people i can do art (I’m good at shading) but balancing primarily
Relevant skills:I have LOTS of ideas for raids and a somewhat decent ability for art/balancing
Discord: Yes
Attend friday meeting: yes



WHY?! Why is the main currency in this game acquired by character death? this is one of the most broken systems I’ve ever had to deal with.

The aim of the game is to NOT DIE. Good players DON’T DIE. Yet to progress in the game you MUST DIE. It’s just absolute stupidity when given thought. A complete contradiction.

A valued aspect of the game is building a connection with a character you’ve enjoyed playing and keeping it alive. What if I only play one character and I’m so good that it never dies? What kind of progress can I expect from that?!

I don’t know the best solution but alive fame currency makes more sense than dead fame.

PS. great ideas with this MRS idea.




I think Deca is planning to make alive fame useable so there’s that.



IGN: NotAMain
Non-Private RealmEye Link:
Position: Art / Balance
Relevant Skills: Game balance, bullet pattern design, bullet spriting, marketing, graphic design
Discord (Y/N): Y
Can I attend Friday meetings at 7 PM PST? (Y/N): Y


Non-Private RealmEye Link:pref to keep it private i can show u it whenever though
Position: (Production / Art / Balance) Balance
Relevant Skills: Game balancing xd im a creative person. I can market it also.
Discord (Y/N):Y
Can I attend Friday meetings at 7 PM PST? (Y/N) Yes
edit:Im white star ignore red star on my forum xd


psst, log out and back in

Also stars aren’t really relevant in the world of ideas and concepts anyway c:


i mean that’d mean i have knowledge in the game? :thinking:


No, not really.

Believe it or not I’ve seen at least two white stars completely out of touch with the game, one running through midlands with normal tops unaware of what the godlands even were.

Besides we have great ideas guys who aren’t even close to white star here on the forums. And I would’ve believed you were great even if you didn’t have a white star :stuck_out_tongue:

  • IGN: HighKazaar
  • RealmEye Link :
  • Position: None. I just like to see the progress. And keep commenting so this post not ded.
  • Relevant Skills : Making crazy IDEAS that make ppl as mad as the mad god.
  • Discord (Y/N) :Y
  • Can I attend Friday meetings at 7 PM PST? (Y/N): N. (Different timezone).

P.S. Lets give more and more likes to this post.


Very cool idea! Maybe switch the names to:

Archer > Ranger

Trickster > Illusionist

Sorcerer > Magus

And some skill ideas:

Runic Star (wizard maybe)

Smite (maybe for paladin)

Holy Grail (again maybe for paladin)

Tormenting Blades (maybe for warrior)

Thunderclap (dunno)

Bone Golem (necromancer maybe)

Grim Presence (necromancer maybe)

Plague Nova (necromancer maybe)

Enervation (necromancer maybe)

Shadow Shield (necromancer maybe)

Divinity (priest maybe)

Holy Light (priest maybe)

Consecrate (priest maybe)

Shadow Dance (trickster maybe)

Hellish Infusion (warrior maybe)

Infernal Combustion (warrior maybe)

Mist of Despair (necromancer maybe)

Vampire Call (necromancer maybe)

Inspiration (knight maybe)

Excalibur (knight maybe)

Animus Form (huntress maybe)

Holy Relic (priest maybe)

Light Beacon (priest maybe)

Silver Arrow (archer maybe)


:man_shrugging: they fame train or bought accounts or could be rebuilding who knows


So are the Skill supposed to like boost certain aspects of the class? Like higher RoF, or bigger spellbomb?

Sounds cool


IGN: BetaMale
RealmEye Link:
Position: Art, Level Design
Relevant Skills: Spriting and Animation experience, branding, seven years of rotmg experience, game design, skilled with ps and aseprite
Discord: Y
Can I attend Friday meetings at 7 PM PST: N


IGN: OlafGame
Pos: Balance
Skills: Playing game for 6 years and 8 months, was in balance team of Nilly’s Realm, Solo’ed every dung (except Void)
Discord: Yeah, ofc here’s tag: NaziPlays
Last question: Probably but not every week. (school)


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