Like, if you want the necromancer to get a buff and hope deca see’s this.

  1. necromancer has already been buffed and had an ability rework

  2. necromancer is like an unkillable wizard what is your problem


You would be better of getting deca’s attention on reddit as opposed to realm eye btw.


@EpicNecros @Solosen @XHippobroX

We’ve found an infidel


@Snarz let me ask: why do you think necromancer needs a buff?
Is there something particular that has made you think this?


OP you do realise Necromancer is really good now, and I’d argue better than Wizard, it has dps and survivability. A cool name doesnt mean the class should be immortal >.>


what the fk dude , necro is already op , what else do u need from it? it gotz some ability that heals , dps as a wizard , and spamming skull can be op .


Necro is not in a state that warrants a change.
Its DPS is good, its survivability is good, none of its UTs are brokenly powerful to the point of replacing the tiered ones…

Could you - as @Nevov stated - elaborate more on why Necro would need a buff?


literally asking for likes lmfao


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it


Clearly he prefers the paden boi over the necky boi. Necker is god.


I’m a pally main now but I’ll strike anyone down who disrespecc the spooky mage


I main priest but I stil respecc the necky boi


Necro can damage and heal, I don’t see it needing a buff


Eh… it might need a bit of a nerf


nono I like necro as it is now, even now I hardly play it


26 likes what the actual heck


Hey Xak, did you make your pfp darker?

Forum Halloween

behold the power of the necromancer :skull:


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