Negative HP scale from a high base HP


With HP scale, how about making the enemy START with a high HP calibrated for 85 players, and scale negatively, to lower the HP for a smaller group. This would make it far less likely things get instad by a massive group turning up before the correct scaling kicks in.

Instead of what I think we currently have: baseHP + (HPscale x playercount)
eg. with base 15 000, scale 1 000 per player:
1 person gets 16 000, 35ppl get 50 000, 85ppl get 100 000, 120ppl get 135 000

Negative scaling would be: baseHP - (HPscale x 85-playercount)
eg. with base 100 000, scale -1 000 per player:
1 person gets 16 000, 35ppl get 50 000, 85ppl get 100 000, 120ppl get 135 000

The above example is for an enemy that you want to have 100 000 HP for an 85-group and 16 000 HP for a soloer. This negative scaling formula even still works to increase the HP above base if there are more than 85. You can see from the numbers the HP outcome is the same.

Apologies if someone else already suggested this! Had a quick search but found nothing.

Heroic Abyss discussion

Definitely an interesting thought.
I think it’d certainly help with reducing the now necessary invulnerability times on bosses (f.e. Bilgewater, Entity [though this one deserves the prep time]).

Honestly, the only thing that’s really holding it back is probably the coding part, or perhaps the fact that there’d be very little changes aside from that.
Would be interesting to test, nonetheless 0u0


It’s an interesting idea but in my opinion, for them to fix the quick insta before the boss HP scales, all that they would have to do was make the boss invulnerable for a longer period or make the boss room have a wall which would only deactivate after X amount of time. Still, it’s a good idea.


Big brain tbh


Problem with that if you’re rushing you’re probably dragging a huge mob behind you, and if there’s a invulnerable wall you’ll get rekt


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