New Bag Concepts


Just wanted to get this out of the way before I start. These are in no way official and do not reflect any upcoming changes to the game.

So I wanted to gather some opinions on what the community thought about having more bag types. I created this idea because I noticed there wasn’t a good distinction between ST drops in orange bags and other drops.


This is a simple green bag with a golden tie. Keys would start to drop in these (this includes the vial, wine cellar incantations, and heroic dungeon unlockers). Vault and Character slots could also drop in these considering they’re “unlockers”.


I thought it would be neat to have a black/dark bag that could be used for player and pet skins.


This last bag is just a simple pet feed bag. The color scheme is themed off of Ambrosia.

My other changes would include simply moving the loot boosters to blue bags and the MotMG mystery bags to cyan bags.

  • I agree with your proposed changes to the bags
  • I would prefer if the drops from the pet feed, skin, and keys bag all shared one bag leaving the orange bag exclusive to STs.
  • Perhaps just move the STs to red bags because there are no natural situations were red bag items and STs drop in the same bag
  • The way the bags work is fine as is.
  • Other (would be appreciated if you mentioned your suggestion in the comments)

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I redesigned and colored the bags as an experiment if anyone’s interested. Just a way of making their designs and shading consistent.

There were also some other shenanigans that weren’t part of the idea. An orange bag with a cyan tie instead of the purple, an inverted white bag, and a mystery bag.


All feedback is appreciated.




I like the concept of this because I don’t exactly like the way orange bags drop a huge variety of things. However, having too many bags in-game can make things very confusing, especially for beginners. I feel like Keys, Skins, and Pet Feed should all drop in one bag, while the STs should be left with a whole bag for themselves. This is just my opinion, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt!

– Gamma :v:


The inverted white bag looks pretty wacky man


I like your concept and I think it´s a good idea.
I like the all the bags but I disslike the 3 bottom ones.
Also I think there is a little pixel error on the blue bag in the top left corner.


personally i enjoy the current shading on the current loot bags, however maybe a PT with the diff loot bag types could be a thing to see how people like the new shaded look

i like the idea of more bag types but its going to be a hassle figuring out the new bag hierarchy


I’m hard


Next April fools the inverted white bag will drop.


I really like the idea but the bags look (your adjusted ones included) look too shiny (i.e. too much white reflection shading). The bags are cloth (?) and cloth generally isn’t as shiny as your bags depict.

The general color schemes of the bags I really like. Especially the feed and inverted white bag.

If they were changed to be more in line with the current less shaded style then I would say you’ve got a winner.


visual consistency is fine and all (great, even) but so help me god if you so much as TOUCH the white bag I will hunt you down IRL and be hailed as a hero among my people for raining hell upon your ass

Jokes aside, seriously, don’t touch the white bag, that shit is sacrilege. I mean, 3rd actually looks okay but like… me (and many other people as well, I’m sure) will take the two minutes to just… stare at a white bag. It’s really just that nice. You could advertise this game by the A E S T H E T (H) I C C S of the white bag alone. I think the only sprite that captures the same level of awe and wonder are some of the gravestones from the first campaign, and every gravestone from MotMG (the moss ones, so good… shivers)

I also don’t necessarily think that every bag should look like the white bag, but… idk. Also, as a sprite artist (and a pretty good one at that from what I can tell), I would think you would realize that these bags are shaded the way they are literally just… because of the shape of their respective bags.

I hit “other” because I think the black bag works better for keys/vials/incantations and the green would be better for player/pet skins


The brown bag…


I like the general idea, but I’d rather have you change your bag designs to match the existing bags rather than you changing the existing bags to match your designs.



That aside, I think touch ups are a good idea, and that the designs should be consistent, but maybe just more consistent with the old design. As someone said, feels forced- like you make the design fit you instead of you fitting designs. All of them are a shade bright imo, except the purple. white pixel on pink band looks very out of place. Your blue bag just looks bizzare, scrap please and try again. Orange is again too bright. red band change is very good and red is good recolor. And once again I cannot stress this enough HANDS OFF MY FUCKING WHITEBAG YOU CODEGOBLIN


Petition to change the current orange bag to your cyan string version.


Should have said this earlier, everything after the poll in the post is just experiments and aren’t part of the idea. I get it; people don’t appreciate old sprites getting changed especially when a lot of the community has done stuff around them. I remember the amount of backlash the leviathan sprite got after it was changed.


They look amazing.


What ru said.


I like the idea of separating the STs from the other non-ST stuff that still drops in orange bags. Finally gets rid of any possibility of me getting bamboozled by a drop like below

As for the bag designs you’ve made, they’re good but I am used to the old design. If you made their shading consistent with the game’s current bag sprites, I’m sure they’ll be a good fit


Iirc there are no pup sts? What’s there to be confused about?


That was the Demon event, a limited-time skin could drop, hence the orange bag and false excitement