New Class Idea: Bladedancer


Here’s an idea for a third katana class: The Bladedancer!

The Bladedancer is a katana wielding class that utilizes her magic locket to extend her reach. The Bladedancer wields a katana, wears robes and wields a mist locket, which once activated can be used to project the Bladedancer’s attacks to a different location, allowing her to attack targets from a safe distance.

Base Max
HP 150 720
MP 100 252
ATT 15 75
DEF 0 25
DEX 12 60
SPD 15 75
WIS 10 60
VIT 10 40

The Ability

T0 - Mist Locket
Description “A mysterious locket that emits a swirling mist.”
Mana cost 60
Effect Summons a mist portal.
Max cast range 2 tiles
Duration 3 Seconds
Cooldown 4 Seconds

Mist portal: If the Bladedancer attacks while a mist portal is active, the attacks are sent from the mist portal’s location instead. Only 1 mist portal can be active at a time. Mist portals will follow the player and keep their relative position to the player for their duration.

Tiered Abilities

T1 - Midnight Locket
Description “A metal locket with a shroud of solemn darkness around it”
Mana cost 65
Effect Summons a mist portal.
Max cast range 2.5 tiles
Duration 3.5 Seconds
Cooldown 4 Seconds

T2 - Water Locket
Description “Water dances around this locket as it sits in your palm”
Mana cost 70
Effect Summons a mist portal.
Max cast range 3 tiles
Duration 4 Seconds
Cooldown 4 Seconds

T3 - Forest Locket
Description “This locket makes you feel at peace with nature.”
Mana cost 75
Effect Summons a mist portal.
Max cast range 3.5 tiles
Duration 4.5 Seconds
Cooldown 4 Seconds

T4 - Spring Locket
Description “A beautiful bronze locket emitting soothing smoke of incense”
Mana cost 80
Effect Summons a mist portal.
Max cast range 4 tiles
Duration 5 Seconds
Cooldown 4 Seconds

T5 - Miasma Locket
Description “This locket fills you with dread and malaise…”
Mana cost 85
Effect Summons a mist portal.
Max cast range 4.5 tiles
Duration 5.5 Seconds
Cooldown 4 Seconds

T6 - Firestone Locket
Description “An enigmatic pitch black locket endlessly caught aflame.”
Mana cost 90
Effect Summons a mist portal.
Max cast range 5 tiles
Duration 6 Seconds
Cooldown 4 Seconds
Stat Bonuses +2 VIT, +2 WIS

UT - Spiritwalker’s Trinket
Description “The spirit of a cursed king remains within this locket. Bound to the locket, the user may briefly leave the realm of the living.”
Mana cost 90
Effect Summons a stationary mist portal, Invisible on self for 3 seconds.
Max cast range 0 tiles
Duration 8 Seconds
Cooldown 6 Seconds
Stat Bonuses +6 WIS, +3 SPD

Drops from Septavius the ghost god.

Note: this locket summons a mist portal at your player’s location.

UT - Amulet of Thunder
Description “A great amulet used by Xolotl himself. Grants the user the power to command static charge and summon lightning.”
Mana cost 110
Effect Summons a mist portal, paralyzes enemies for 2 seconds.
Damage 200 per second
Damage aura radius 3 tiles
Max cast range 3 tiles
Duration 3 Seconds
Cooldown 4 Seconds
Stat Bonuses +5 DEX, +30 MP

Drops from Xolotl (I know the dungeon is not even out yet)

Note: This locket summons an area around the mist portal that deals constant damage and paralyzes enemies in it.


  • Nerfed range on abilities.
  • Changed armor type to robes. I like how the katana weapon with the Bladedancer has a class of each armor type. It also fits the bonus range of the ability.
  • Changed how Mist Portals interact with the player. Mist Portals now follow the player with an unchanging position relative to the player’s position.

Leave feedback and tell me what you think!


Not bad, since you didn’t add maxed stats or anything I’ll only comment on the fact that I like the ability :slight_smile: although since you can shoot so far I would say a robe fits better.


I added maxed stats though? Oh I also looked through the abilities and realized how op it was. Nerfed the initial casting range.


I love the class idea. I agree with Orsome that it should be a robe class instead, given that it has i high enough dps with the ability to attack at a distance. Question: Does the portal appear at the cursor location or the location of the player?


It appears at the cursor location, but sort of like the Waki in how it has a max placement range. Oh and also I’ll think about it whether or not I’ll switch it to a robe class, making a sort of katana trinity, with a robe, light armor and heavy armor.


Got it. Thanks!


Dang it. I was writing up a concept for a class with this exact same name. It’s a robe class too!


Oh! I hope I didn’t ruin it for ya ^^; What was your ability going to do?


It’s mainly a class meant for support. Full on support. We have a special (ninja) and a damage dealer (samurai). It would only make sense to have a support.


That sounds like a great idea. I think if I’m allowed, I’ll steal this idea and in some way design a UT ability that can support.


At what angle does the shot come out of the portal? Would it come out in a direct line continuing between the player and the portal?


Also maybe a UT that has a high placement range, does not teleporting shots and does damage on contact with enemies, as if the portal was an electric pet (without the paralyse)


Shots come out as if the player was at the portal’s location, meaning if you shoot at a point between you and the portal as following:


So the portal is stationary where you cast it? This seems very limiting.

I like this idea, the portal moves with the cursor (up to its max range) and fires away from the player.
Excellent sprites btw! Let’s get a Sprite for the mist portal. Great idea for a class, maybe OP dps and Hp though.


If the portal would move with the player, I think it would be a bit too powerful imo. Nice idea though. Also thanks!


Update: here’s some sprites of tiered portals. Each tier has it’s portal, and small particles that ooze out from the center of the portal, like the particles of smoke that Skuld in the Haunted Cemetery emits when she teleports in.

Note that each sprite is spinning.


Added UTs.


Very good class


Maybe add a little more def since regular robe classes have longer range but katanas have to go quite close to target? (Plz no hurtz me , just a suggestion) ;-;


contrary to popular belief, it seems a little bit op when stationary, as one could go next to a boss, place a portal there, then back up and shoot the boss at priest range