New Class!


it really doesn’t


Wait how do you get the abilities?


i would like to say something additional about this class.

if anything, i would suggest a massive change on the ability itself that isn’t mixed up with sheath from trickster and knight while waki from wizard, archer and ninja’s abilities.

the Sheath would take away ninja’s role on dealing damage while even worse for Waki since it’s a messed up ability.


I have some sprite ideas here for samurai and some other new classes here if u wanna take a look :thinking:


How does this leprechaun with a filleting knife
look anything like a samurai?

  • Sheath
  • Wakizashi

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I personally like the wakizashi better because I like a long, pierce attack because of nostalgia. Since I liked maplestory and classes I played had stuff like that, I guess I’m biased towards it. I personally don’t like the sheath as much because I don’t want another dash class


If sheath is chosen, I wonder about the name sheath. Could there not be a Japanese word that is better to use, to match with katana and wakizashi?

I am uneducated about this, so only going on Wikipedia but ‘sword case’ is koshirae (from this description on the katana page):

There is then a whole page on Japanese sword mountings, and this includes reference to the saya as specifically the scabbard part of the koshirae:

Maybe someone more well-versed in weaponry than I could offer comment though I’m only keyboard-warrioring! Err… keyboard-samurai-ing!

And might be a moot point anyway if wakizashi is chosen over it.


I will admit, wakizashi sounds way more samurai-like and cooler than sheath.


No meme responses in the first 29 replies, wut


I actually agree. Making samurai provide perhaps a defensive buff to party members (as well as some kind of attack/exposed to enemies) might transition it to a more defensive class.

Can’t just have 2 versions of the ninja - a good one and a bad one. Ninja should remain a powerful but somewhat fleety class, while samurai should be a stable, defensive core (without teleportation and less damage).

Also, I’m not a fan of the sprites at all. Leprechaun isn’t cool. Make it black and burgundy or something.


Currently the class seems pretty underpowered, it has bad dps and range, and the heavy doesnt give very much extra protection, especially in the current hp- focused meta.

The status effect would be the only point to play the class, but currently it just seems to be a curse clone which the stats of the class dont really support.


Sashimono fits better as ability for samurai imo since it’s a war banner.

i mean, it would make him unique from not using ‘offensive’ type but ‘support’ by giving some defense while at same time giving exposed effect to enemies similar to st seal but as a tiered and more useful.

Big_Sized_Sashimono_T0 Something like this (i made this and i have other 6 tiered war banners too)


I like the Wakizashi, though having a katana as a weapon and then just a smaller katana as an ability seems kind of odd.
My only issue with the sheath is that the teleporting might be harmful in most higher level dungeons where you’re not supposed to stand to close to anything.
Overall great job DECA, love you guys <3


Can’t give it amazing DPS. It’s bad for a reason.


It’s hard to see the down arrow next to the “DEF” to show that the enemy’s defense is lowered.


The sheath in a nutshell.


Actually, samurai did use 2 weapons. Traditionally the sheath would hold their primary weapon, “the katana” and a secondary weapon “the wakizashi.” The wakizashi was a shorter sword.


I tried out both the abilities a bit today and they’re interesting prototypes. I definitely preferred the Wakizashi’s bullet slice over the Sheath, though.

Sheath’s teleport hurt me more than it helped, making my use of it generally be just a movement ability. This can create interesting gameplay where you risk dying by TP in order to apply a def debuff to the enemy but it just feels unnatural to do. If this ability was a UT or a secondary toggle effect similar to Ninja’s speedy then I’d like it but if this was all the class had to offer than I wouldn’t see the point in playing it over other damage dealers.

Wakizashi was fairly fun to use. My only gripes with it are since it spawns on the center of tiles it can be off center compared to your cursor and how the bullets can spawn inside a un-walkable tile inside hallways, disappearing immediately. As a main ability the Wakizashi was fun and rewarding to use. The lack of a slash sound makes it feel kinda flat, though. I’d definitely prefer the Wakizashi over Sheath.


Haven’t tried out sheath but boy this Wakizashi thing is fun


my 3 cents on the new class

Waki: Amazing concept, maybe a bit buggy when near walls, but a great concept

720 HP
252 Mana
75 ATK
25 DEF
50 SPD
50 DEX
40 VIT
60 WIS

It’d be nice to play with at least 6/8 and be able to test the sheath and top gear for it, but alas I must figure out the max stats through potstomax.

this class seems like a very, very close range wizard, which I like

It differentiates itself with the ninja in it’s range and speed

Ninja is the fastest class in the game, with lower defense, but can land long range hits.

This class, on the other hand, MUST play close range with the waki and it’s heavy armor helps it to do so.
It has less defense than a paladin but more than every other non-heavy class (if you exclude priest).

I’d say the waki should be the ability unless the sheath can amaze me once I ACTUALLY GET TO USE IT.