New Class!


i need to fame train before these 2 appear.


I like the waki. It’s like a more interesting Katana, in that you have to not just point it in the right direction but get the range right. And then it has a range which you have to work within: rather than just not going as far as your cursor but still hitting things in that direction it misses altogether if you aim too far.

It makes it one of the few classes able to do damage without a line of sight, in particular over walls. E.g. snakes in a snake pit when they group on the other side of a wall can be almost taken out in one go (with a t3). The various enemies in a Parasite event, including the main colony, can be picked off in relative safety.

Don’t like the sheath so much. I find it hard to tell what it will effect, even after using it many times. Also reluctant to use it when in godlands in case it puts me in danger – only a 0/8 with a max rare pet, so am very cautious in godlands.

Hard to tell what the class is like without maxed stats. Most of the time I only play chars which are 4/8 or close to 4/8 on prod, so have little recent experience of playing 0/8, Will have to try it again if it’s updated on testing to auto or easy maxing.


The class has 25 less dex than a ninja for a mere 5 atk and 7 def (including armor bonuses). It has terrible dps (the abilities are trying to balance it out, but a buff on the classes dex would be nice)


The class is definitely interesting in how it functions, I’ll grant it that.


but trickster is faster


Depends on pet level, ninja is definitely the “speediest”


So give it 20 less dex.


nah warrior, he can perma-speedy/bezerk (ignoring a half second break) and has a higher max speed than ninja


Warrior maxes at 50, ninja at 60

Are you drunk nameness?


They have perfect Samurai Armor sprites in Daichis temple, surely they can make a better sprite for this class lol.


Sword and dagger is a somewhat standard stance, using the dagger to parry similarly to small buckler-type shields while providing a secondary means of attack, though it leaves you open to ranged attacks. The kodachi was most suited for this specific use, though the wakizashi can be used in a similar fashion when paired with a small enough main blade like a chokuto or a katana, and had more combat use in tight spaces.

Samurai, being essentially like vassal knights to their masters, trained in many weapons and means of combat just as knights did. Polearms like the naginata and yadi, and longbows like the yumi, were all used with the situation.

Ninja were assassins, and really didn’t have a set of weapons to use as, especially in certain eras, there were restrictions on blade weapons and on swords in particular. A lot of the weapons were improvised farm tools, as that would be the easiest way to avoid detection when smuggling, given the short iron supply in the region. The iron supply was also why the swords are such relatively high quality; if they can’t get swords that are simply good enough (mass-produced arms in Europe, for example) on the first pass, they have to work it for months and make it last.

  • Sheath
  • Wakizashi

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And why


Waka whatever is hard to use, while the sheath has a lower skill factor but more usefulness. It gives exposed effect, so that’s good, and it can teleport you over small gaps, so that’s cool.


I don’t like either, but Waki is better than sheath imo


I didn’t get to use a sheath or a higher than tier 1 waki


Yeah, all three ninja mains


I used to play maplestory on mobile, never gotten into the online version. I don’t have the chance to test out the new class so I can’t really give my opinion,


Why not have both? Have the sheath labeled as Tier xa and the Wa[fudgenuggets I can’t spell this] as the Tier xb?


cant find any sheaths, been playing for 45 mins


My bad (and no I wasn’t drunk, can’t even drink)