New Class!


This acts funny sometimes, especially in narrow areas like in cultist hideout. Maybe if you made it go through all obstacles, including walls, then it could work.
Also, it needs to move faster, and maybe a little bit more range, not that much.
Does it really have to teleport you? Can’t you just move a little forward, like walking?? Also, its pretty underpowered. I would give it a one second cooldown, as well as giving it a little more damage and exposed duration. Its still pretty weird.


To be fair knight also does a crap ton of damage.

But here’s the simple solution.


Why not teleport, then do the slash a second later, and have a 2 second cool down?

This would a) prevent the waki from becoming a piercing spellbomb that gets spammed and b) solve this whole problem of which to choose?

This wouldn’t completely outclass trickster or wizard because both the dash and the cut have a limited range.


Had a chance to play it with decent stats now, thanks to apple’s appearing in the shop. And definitely it’s more like a melee than anything else. Not a fast one like Warrior but more like Knight, with its slow speed and higher def from heavy armour.

It does not have as much def as any of the melee classes, but it has more range and an ability with the Waki which lets it do damage even outside that range. It does not do as much damage but it does have piercing. The difference is a bit like that between Wand and Staff classes. Staves do more damage but Wands pierce, and both have their advantages.

Compared to Ninja you sacrifice DPS and speed for the def, which seems fair. The DPS difference in particular is down to dex which makes sense – you are just not that fast or agile in heavy armour. The Ninja stays the uniquely fast and fragile DPS machine,


Here’s another Idea for the Waki. Instead of a piercing awkward shot that spawns from the left, can we make it a thin AoE, in the shape of the path of the bullet? It’s centre is on the cursor, so it should fix the halls problem


The teleportation from the sheath is sometimes buggy, and will get you stuck in walls. Sorry for the gifs, took me some time to replicate the bug.


It seems to happen when you’re teleporting over one tile walls.


Honestly, I think people do not understand the role as ninja. You are a sole damage dealer. Yes, they do need a buff. No, I’m not saying I 100% disagree, but I do personally think people don’t understand that Ninja doesn’t have a status effect (so far) because it didn’t need one. Have you seen the dps you can do with a t6? They are way too hard to aim, yes, but now think about it like this. That waki isn’t exactly that easy to hit either. I do believe the ninja is under powered, but a ninja’s “role” has never been a helpful one unless they rush. Even then there are flaws since they have lower armor. That’s just my opinion though.


i respect your opinion.

all i want for the new class is NOT to become a second ninja.
i mean, fine let it deal damage but make it more useful for his allies (other than the ‘exposed’ debuff for enemies).

having 2 sole damage dealers in same weapon category can sometimes create a mess with picking which one is better. of course the new class’ ability waki can outdamage Ninja’s shuriken even without that long range from the shuriken.

let’s take assassin and rogue for example. they both have great ability, one is poison which deals damage over time (offensive )the other one is cloak giving self invisible preventing getting hurt from not becoming a target (self-defensive).

they both use dagger but their play style is in different direction. one can play safer and the other one can kill faster.

now if we include trickster which has same role as rogue but can be affected to allies (defensive) by creating decoys to avoid being targeted by enemies. of course, trickster can be also considered as ‘support’ too due to being very helpful at end-game dungeons and such.

welp wall of text


Short and Sweet.
Wakizashi seems balanced, the shot speed of it’s horizontal slash could be improved to make it feel better. Maybe like 1 more projectile speed. nothing major. damage seems fair, until you start hitting things with 200 def, but everyone suffers at that point.

Sheath on the other hand feels weak, and the teleport can seriously disorient you when combined with enemies that move towards you quickly. The hitbox on sheath also feels much too small for what you’re having to do by making sure you’re not teleporting into bullets, and aiming in a pinpoint direction.

Wakizashi wins hands down, because sheath is too weak to be in the same tier.


on another note, please don’t nerf wakizashi, it’s not strong, sheath is just weak.


I feel like sheath should have very small range and very high damage. I dislike the idea of this class having a long-range weapon because it too much like ninja then.


I feel that Exposed is a crappier Cursed at the moment if you’re playing the ??? class. Harder to inflict because of the range, weaker DPS boost, shorter duration etc. I drew some lines on Pfiffel to compare cursing v. exposing enemies.

Cyan = curse, pink = exposed.

??? Class

Rogue - Fast shooting class

However from some faster shooting classes exposed does boost DPS more than cursed at higher def.



There’s no armour break so I just drew a big fat yellow line.


However, it can be paired with curse and armor break

Graph that, seriously use an EP wizard with damaging, bezerk, cursed, armor break, and exposed


If anything it’s a more situational armor break, because unless they have 20 armor or less, armor breaking is better. However, this can be stacked, and that’s fantastic, as even up to 20 more damage per shot adds up when you have a group doing hundreds of shots at a boss. doesnt matter what your original damage is, you do more damage.

It’s harder to inflict, that much is true, but I feel that mystics would be even less played than this guy after people get used to this class and it’s not just a hype train anymore.
Mystics are a rare breed these days.

That being said, this class should have like 55 or 60 dex, 50 feels much too low for a katana user.


I’d say we don’t need another ability that simply inflicts damage on an enemy from afar – even if it’s coupled with a new status effect – because most classes take advantage of that concept.

I enjoy the concept of the sheath because it is pretty different (combo of sorcerer/trickster) and I feel that it can be useful if tweaked. The teleportation range is way too short and, yes, it is quite frankly a death trap. However, I do believe it has some potential if evolved properly. Here are some ideas:

  • Obviously expand the range, but perhaps add a post-teleport cooldown period, such as a 1 second armored to oneself.
  • Chained teleports - set 2 teleport locations and bounce around enemies while inflicting damage – thus you could return to original position or bounce to safer spot. Think of it as a hinge or pivot.
  • Provide a party defense boost on top of the enemy defense debuff (could be a UT).

After using both abilities for some time on testing, I grew bored of the waki way too quickly; there was nothing new to it. It did not add any kind of pleasurable experience to the game play, and it is simply a safe ability with not much appeal.

The sheath adds risk, requires skill, and could be a fun tool if developed properly. I’d say most people are in favor of the waki right now not because it is a craftful, impacting game design, but rather because the sheath is poor in execution.


If something is armor broken, its defense becomes 0. And expose decreases def by 20. So if they were stacked upon each other on an enemy, won’t they have -20def?


Yes that’s right.


adding cooldown would ruin it, since ‘exposed’ debuff can be stacked


Yes! This is an amazing idea. I’d like this to be coupled with Invincibility instead of Armored though because of how useless def is in endgame, or during heavy hitting boss fights. The duration would have to be short though; just long enough for you to whizz in, get some damage/inflict exposed, and zoom out. Or if that’s too OP, pair it with invulnerability (but maybe that’s too similar to ST scepter).


Add two classes: one with waki and another with sheath. I’d be down for starting another row of classes


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Someone else gets it! We have 3 heavy armour/sword classes after all. :slight_smile: